Why do experts consider this a silent epidemic?

Question: I had depression that did not respond to antidepressants or psychotherapy. I consulted and was asked to undergo tests. They added an anti-inflammatory and put me on a diet. My condition today is optimal. (Nadine Pomaris, La Plata)

Recently, medicine has realized that chronic inflammation can be a silent and deadly process that contributes to the emergence of countless diseases.: cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke.

Already in 2018 the magazine Nature published studies indicate that more than 50% of all deaths worldwide were associated with low-intensity chronic inflammatory procedures.

Chronic inflammatory process may be so underground that many patients and professionals do not detect as they are usually expressed by manifestations or symptoms that patients gradually come to terms with. And even more so if inflammatory markers in the blood are not measured.

Feeling of prolonged fatigue weakness and lack of physical resistance, emotional declineFrequent colds, unpleasant, recurring infections, diffuse body pain, abdominal discomfort or bloating, bowel problems, allergies, skin, nails or joint problems are some of the possible manifestations.

Chronic inflammation may also contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. / Photo by Shutterstock

Acute inflammation is a normal mechanism and necessary, with the help of which the body protects itself from harmful substances of various natures that can harm it.

But with continuous or chronic inflammation, a kind of domino effect occurs:

1) The stimulus activates the immune system.

2) It reacts by attacking and defending itself with the necessary immediate inflammatory response.

3) After withdrawal of the harmful stimulus the immune system slows down its activity (This is fine).

4) But, on the other hand, if its reaction is not stopped and prolonged indefinitely, a chronic inflammatory process is generated.

5) To the extent that it persists damages cells, organs and blood vessels, leading to loss of normal functions organs and increases the risk of health problems.

What the Research Says

Various studies show that Western societies are facing an epidemic of this type of chronic inflammation as our immune system must adapt to various threats.

It is necessary to emphasize the importance of some predisposing factors:

1) Psychological stress and constant anxiety.

2) Live fast.

A sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition predispose to chronic inflammation. / Photo by Shutterstock.

4) Low quality food.

Regarding the latter, there is a clear generational component, as it is eaten differently from our grandparents and the quality of the food is not the same.

Added that ingesting foods that cause inflammation, such as eating excess sugar, processed oils.less olive oil, low fish consumption and higher consumption of red meat, sausages or canned goods.

It should also be mentioned that the quality of modern medical care is declining, and not because there are bad specialists, but because of a system that forces the patient to be treated for 15 minutes and does not allow testing or requesting studies to assess levels of chronic inflammation imagine or find out your lifestyle.

There is a tendency to treat or eliminate a symptom rather than identify its causes. Moreover, strive for prevention.

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