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Is the South American musical artist with the best present and greater projection in the entertainment industry. For this reason, his fans are always eager to know what he thinks Karol G about her new projects. In relation to this, the Colombian ruled out in a recent interview eventually collaborating with the British interpreter Adele.

The urban music singer-songwriter, born in Medellín, He claimed to have several references in current music, but even though there is admiration, that does not mean that he sees it possible to work together in a song.

That is the case with Adele. This was revealed by her an interview with the journalist Chente Ydrach for the Amazon Music platform.

He has been in the music industry since 2007 (Photo: Karol G / Instagram)

He has been in the music industry since 2007 (Photo: Karol G / Instagram)


Carol G. confessed that he would not record with an artist like Adele due to the different musical genres that the two have. However, the interpreter of “Provenza” remarked that she feels great admiration for the English.

“I have had very great opportunities for collaborations that I have simply said no because I feel that, even though I like the artist…”, started pointing.

“For example, Adele is a queen. Adele is incredible, her music is from another planet, she’s not going to happen because we have very different stylesbut giving an example, we would not fit in the same song “expressed the celeb.


Adele’s case is not the only one because “La Bichota” considers that “I admire many artists with whom it doesn’t flow or it doesn’t look special if we collaborate, so it’s like With collaborations, I think about them a lot, like they’re going to make sense, that when it happens it’s something special, not just becausethat it be a good song or that at least it seems to me a great song ”.

Along these lines, the interpreter also He affirmed that with Michael Jackson, the late king of pop, he would not have made a duet eitherbecause he assured that this type of artist does not need a collaboration because they can be completely successful on their own.

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