Why is Jeff Bezos buying more houses since he came to Miami?

Jeff Bezosfounder of Amazon and one of the richest people in the world, expanded its presence in Indian CreekMiami, with the recent acquisition of two mansions totaling $147 million.

Known as the “Billionaire’s Bunker”, this island is an exclusive enclave for tycoons and celebrities, boasting high levels of security, privacy and wealth.

Bezos’ interest in investing in real estate in the area coincides with the trend of “bunkermaxing,” a phenomenon he believes Informationcharacterized by the accumulation of property in the hands of billionaires as a strategy to enhance their privacy and personal security.

This trend is not unique to Miami: famous personalities such as Mark Zuckerberg They have also adopted similar strategies in other privileged places such as Hawaii.

The transformation of Indian Creek is evident, with a notable exclusion of the wealthy in favor of the extremely wealthy, reflecting the growing social divide in the region.

Rising home prices and rapid inflation are a consequence of these dynamics, demonstrating the concentration of capital and influence in such areas that are attractive to those seeking to avoid high taxes in Democratic states.

Florida has become a preferred destination for those seeking privacy and tax benefits, attracting a concentration of capital in enclaves such as Indian Creek.

The island offers an exclusive lifestyle, with a median home price of $29.5 million, plus perks like access to an exclusive country club and a private 18-hole golf course, just 12 kilometers from South Beach.

Bezos’ decision to invest in the enclave underscores the current dynamics of the luxury real estate market in the post-coronavirus era, as billionaires increasingly value security and exclusivity over mere luxury and ostentation.

This trend is not only redefining the region’s real estate market, but also reflects the evolving lifestyle preferences of wealthy owners seeking a safe and exclusive refuge in the midst of an increasingly uncertain world.

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