Why is Mercredi Season 2 not annoying on Netflix?

Sharon Gonsalves

The second season of Mercredi is on track, but Netflix has yet to officially announce an encore date. In almost all cases it will never appear… du moins sur la plaforme de Streaming.

Netflix series Mercredi, which brings huge success to the world of The Addams Family, thanks in no small part to Jenna Ortega. In fact, the actress who embodied Mercedy Addams this is été parfaite for this role! Possibly the premiere season of this series extremely abundantNetflix released last season 2. On vous explique pourquoi la Season 2 of Mercredi is not needed to watch during the day on Netflix !

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Netflix and Amazon: battle for rights

Who goes hunting… lost your place? Selon des Informations reported by American media LADbibleNetflix is ​​waiting for you at the point I’ll lose my rights Mercredispin-off The Addams Family. I wasted colossal success, Hissant la serie dans le top 5 des plus gros scucès de la Plateforme, les abonnés au N rouge pourraient bien ne jamais voir la Season 2.

La faute à une questions de fusion… et de droits. Briefly, transactions that are fully completed regardless of the will of the fans. In effect, Amazon is exercising the right to acquire the production company. Goldwyn Mayer Metro (MGM) pour some $8.5 billionce qui n’était pas de bon augure for Netflix.

Will Mercredi Season 2 be released on Amazon Prime?

Do you want to come to Arnak? come Mercredi this is production MGMit is possible that rights will be restored Amazon Prime. But before you give up on Netflix’s competition, let’s start with the fact that the agreement doesn’t work! In fact, Mercredi’s second season is currently airing and will be released on Netflix. Either way, we don’t want to be where she is on the live streaming platform!


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