‘Wicked’: Ariana Grande returns to ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in one of the most watched films by a young actress

“American Singer” breaks into its opening night love in an adaptation of the musical comedy that hasn’t played on Broadway in over 20 years.
L’histoire de l’amitié naissanté entre celles qui deviendront respectively la bonne et la mechante the sorceress in the world from Oz or her transported Dorothy.
Jon M. Chu’s film premiered footage of Three Promises in theaters on November 27th.

Diversity conversations “cultural phenomenon”. You The newspaper “New York Times rate qu’il s’agit du “Broadway’s biggest blockbuster.” Dans le monde merveilleux des musical comedies, Wicked this is an institution. Three Tony Awards for ten nominations, plus four billion dollars of recipes worldwide that have no view in New York, or the spectacle is a game without stopping production in the 2003 release of the film Post-Launch Theater. Pres de trois Heures sur scène ne pouvait pas échapper a Hollywood. Following the official launch of the film project, Universal Studios has completed the final round of premiere images adapted for film.

Impressive casting

Avant le music, il ya eu le roman de Gregory Maguire, published in 1995. Auteur d’une douzaine d’ouvrages pour enfants, il Signe Avec Wicked These are the best books for adults. L’écrivain americain and rethinking history The Wizard of Oz in s’interessant à ce qui se joue avant l’arrivée de la jeune Dorothy in this charming country. Il fait d’Elphaba, a timid student a la verte, the main character. The spectacle met in music at a meeting at the university with the popular Glinda and the son of the university rose. Leur drôle d’amitié will be mise-en-scène, chanson after chanson, jusqu’à ce que l’une devienne la mechante – “wicked” in English – sorcière de l’Ouest et l’autre la bonne sorcière.

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Incarna for the premiere was performed by Idina Menzel (Elsa’s original interpreter in Queen Nezh) and Kristin Chenowetz on Broadway, the characters of Elphaba and Glinda on the movie credit Cynthia Erivo (named after two Oscars) and pop star Ariana Grande, who made her career debut in TV series for children. The duo was joined at the casting by star Jonathan Bailey BridgertonMichelle Yeoh and Jeff Goldblum, who saw all our ghosts on the premiere preview strip in the evening of a film that found this world to be too authentic.

From the new chanson

Following the release of director Stephen Daldry, the mise-en-scène is entrusted to Jon M. Chu, who leaves Merve in the opening of another Broadway musical comedy, D’où l’on the wind. “Les gens naissent-ils mechants ou cela leur est-il imposé?”, interrogate Ariana Grande in a trailer that understands her version of “Popular”, the most famous chanson of the musical comedy. Cynthia Erivo’s powerful voice caps off the mesmerizing and colorful title of the 3:30 minute play, “Defying Gravity.”

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The production is the son of a previous box office test in two reprises and sharing this adaptation in two films for the chance not lost and the opportunity to please others, which Stephen Schwartz wrote. The Ports of Oz will be released in theaters on November 27, with a premiere date ahead of the suite’s new publication in 2025.


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