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The alleged nightmare that former world champion Wilfredo “Bazooka” Gómez lived through for several years ended yesterday with the intervention of the Police, a lawyer and his relatives, who appeared at his residence in the Venus Gardens urbanization to remove him from there and offer him medical attention. after suffering an alleged pattern of abuse.

Gómez, 65, who is considered the greatest Puerto Rican world champion of all time, had last been seen in public in 2018, when he was treated for a respiratory condition that kept him hospitalized for a while.

The former fighter, who had an extraordinary professional career in which he won four titles in different divisions and who amassed a record of 44-3-1 and 42 knockouts, was allegedly isolated from his closest friends by the person with whom he shared the same roof for several years.

It was precisely the absence of that contact with his children, especially Wilfredo Gómez Jr. and his still legal wife, Carolina Gamboa, a resident of Orlando, Florida, which alerted and motivated the mobilization of the authorities yesterday through a request from them and in support former world champion Víctor “Luvi” Calleja, former president of the Puerto Rico Boxing Commission.

Gomez, who was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, New York, in 1995, was immediately admitted to a metro area hospital. He was accompanied by Calleja, Gamboa and attorney Peter Díaz.

Upon being removed from his home, Gómez appeared neglected and in deplorable conditions. The person who allegedly kept him isolated showed resistance in the presence of the Police and made feints with a stick while she was sitting in a wheelchair.

Police rescue former boxing champion Wilfredo Gómez and transport him to a hospital

According to Díaz, it was precisely the requests of the neighbors that led to the mobilization for the removal of the former champion from his home.

“For months they didn’t allow anyone to see him. So we went to the Court of San Juan in a request for the family to be allowed to take him to a hospital and to remove him from those conditions, “Díaz explained in an aside. He added that it is also a case under Law 12 for the protection of the elderly.

For his part, Calleja said that the complaints filed by the neighbors were that Gómez “did not live in the best conditions and was quartered.”

In fact, a while ago THE SPOKESPERSON He tried on multiple occasions to make contact with Gómez, but all the efforts were unsuccessful and his mobile phone, which he used to maintain contact with friends and family, seemed disconnected.

“What had to be done was done and now Wilfredo is on his way to receiving the attention he deserves,” added Calleja.

The images of Gómez’s removal from his home were captured by Telemundo de Puerto Rico. In them it was possible to observe the moment in which a sad former champion did not hesitate to give Carolina Gamboa a smile when she approached to kiss her on the cheek.

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