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Samsung announced at an event held in San Jose, USA, its new family of high-end mobile phones, the Samsung Galaxy S24, three models that maintain a continuous design line from what was in previous generations, but this is a chance They come with news thanks to artificial intelligence.

This technology, which was a surprise in 2023, is now available to one of the best-selling mobile brands in the world. very strong integration that changes and improves the way we think about mobile phones. Perhaps none of the features integrated into the S24 series are new, but Being able to carry everything on your mobile phone can be something surprisingly innovative.

In the hours during which we were able to test these three models This gave us the feeling that we were at the door of a revolution., for example, when cell phones introduced built-in cameras. Yes, there used to be cameras, but the fact that you always carried one in your pocket changed everything. Something similar could happen here.

Photo and Video AI

Although many users use Google Photos as their Gallery, Many Samsung models continue to use the manufacturer’s own app of that name to view and edit their photos. No wonder this app already allowed things like remove objects, remaster images to improve quality, etc.

These features remain, but have now been improved in two ways. On the one hand, the system offers suggestions for improvement when we open a particular photo. This is possible thanks to artificial intelligence, which recognizes what is shown in the photo. For example, in the portrait he suggests blurring the backgroundwith a pretty well made cut. You can even colorize a black and white image.. The latter, along with its remastering capability, could make the S24 an ideal tool for retouching old photos we’ve printed.

In the gallery too AI can be used to select an object in an image and move or resize it.. Even when straightening a crooked photo, the image generation will be used to fill in the edges, thus not losing part of the photo, as has happened so far, by having to crop it. The only thing we’re missing is the ability to AI enlarge an image without having to rotate it first.

All AI-related features will be indicated by a three-star symbol. Coincidentally, it is very similar to the original Samsung logo, which means three stars in Korean. This logo will appear on AI-processed images, so you know these are not ordinary photos.

Three stars that activate AI

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Another new product created by artificial intelligence is be able to search for what appears on the screen by simply pressing the bottom three Home buttons (or gesture bar if this form of scrolling is used). Once this is done, you can mark the area with your finger or S-Pen and the system will perform a Google search for the specified image. Except, Any video stored in the phone’s gallery can be viewed in slow motion. just by holding your finger on the screen. The AI ​​will generate the necessary frames in real time to ensure the expected smoothness. However, this feature requires the videos to be physically located on the mobile phone and the use of the Gallery app.

Image generation has become one of the most used and valuable functions of artificial intelligence. Tools like Midjourney or Dall-E 3 are incredibly powerful, but they require installing apps, subscribing to services, and even paying to use them.

Wallpaper generator for S24

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If what you want create an image to use as wallpaper, in the S24 series it is much easier. All you have to do is go to generative fill in the “Wallpaper” menu and select three different options from dozens of options. Thanks to a very simple interface, the system will create several images with the chosen theme, tones and style. The interface is the same as the Pixel, so it’s likely that Samsung borrowed it from Google.

AI integrated into more applications

Just like the gallery app, Samsung’s web browser also gets new features. Among them, the option stands out summarize a particularly long web page with a simple click. Additionally, this summary could be slightly longer if we need more context.

New capabilities across devices

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Likewise, You can translate both the web page and its summary, so getting information from long articles in other languages ​​is extremely easy and fast. Obviously, these features are not available in Chrome or other browsers.

But perhaps the app that received the most new features was the Notes app. Using artificial intelligence Handwritten texts using the S-Pen can be converted into editable text.. Also The text can be formatted automatically with its title, sections and other sections.. And if there is any doubt about Spelling can be corrected by clicking the buttonfunctions are highlighted.

Formatted summary note


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Added to these new features is the ability to summarize text or translate it as seen in the web browser. Except, Different virtual notebooks with associated notes can be personalized not only with icons, but also with AI-generated designs. which will depend on the text of the notes themselves.

What AI is also good at is translation and duplication functions, as they explained in detail at Omicrono. The S24 series has a translator mode.which opens from the quick access section, there is no application that allows you to watch it in one language and listen to it in another.

Simultaneous translation in a text conversation

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Also there are real-time calls that are translated and transcribedperfect when you need to talk to someone whose language we don’t know. And if instead of talking we want to communicate, this can be done via SMS or WhatsApp.for example, when using a Samsung keyboard.

The latest major app to be updated with AI is record player, which is able to decipher the sound we recorded and show the sound part of each word. Except, allows you to quickly review the entire recording, indicate when different interlocutors are speaking, and even compose the final text to be able to use it in various applications.

The beginning of change

As mentioned at the outset, Samsung’s AI features are not revolutionary. We could already summarize texts, transcribe audio, edit images… But this required other applications, other tools and web platforms and, in many cases, payment.

Samsung is not only integrated all this into my three Samsung Galaxy S24s., but it is made very convenient for the user. AND for free. Obviously, to use these features, the mobile phone must have a dedicated processor, meaning that other mobile phones with these capabilities cannot be updated via software.

We hope that gradually these features will become more numerous, more useful and will gradually be able to reach the mid-range models of the next generations. This could make AI something normal in everyday use of our mobile phones. So is the camera.

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