will host 9 million people

A futuristic megacity called The Line is being built in the desert of Saudi Arabia. The project will cover 170 kilometers of luxury and technology with a distinctive vertical shape.

A video according to German media Gamestar TechShows progress in construction of The Line, And the excavation work is not only progressing rapidly but it is also ensuring that it is the largest earth digging project in the world.

The company in charge of this concept, Neom, has based itself on a “zero gravity urban planning concept”, in which residents will be able to move in three directions: up, down and transversely. Furthermore, according to the website, the final expansion is planned for 2045, and will accommodate nine million residents.

The main element of the city will be the Mirror Line Building, a unique structure where developers will have to build a structure with an extension of 120 kilometers, according to the 20-minute report.

The city will offer a high-speed subway system that will connect the building’s tips in 20 minutes, a vertical farm, its own soccer stadium, and a covered marina.

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