Will the North West’s 30th anniversary of The Lion King help spark debate?

On May 24 and 25, 2024, North West will bring young Simba to life in a film concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, not without criticism.

North-West, daughter Kim KardashianI resumed the debate in the forest NepoBabies. In fact, on the occasion of the film’s 30th anniversary. Le Roya lion, A movie concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, May 24 and 25, 2024. young girl 10 years est montée sur scène for a live translation of the chanson Je voudrais deja être roi, as young Simba. Since Internet users saw the video of their performance, they launched criticism on X, Instagram and TikTok. I doubt the choice of actors.

Considering the presence of two great people such as parents, their appearance does not mean a resumption of the theme that was released after previous announcements: question about Nepo Babies.

North West: Nepo-Child Charge

This is not the premiere when the North-West Monte-sur-Scene. À seulement 6 yearsshe was rapping fashion showYeezy, the brand of Kanye West’s father’s son. Hello, she announced a sortie This is the premiere album, At the age of 10. Bien qu’il n’y ait pas beaucoup d’informations sur sa sortieit is clear that the North-Westcostume “Les Traces de Son Père” et c’est d’ailleurs ce que les internautes critent après l’avoir vu interpreter le jeune Simba sur scène.

The daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is accused of getting this opportunity thanks to her parents. Elle n’est d’ailleurs pas la seule. More interpretations of chanson I can’t achieve balance. Singer and director Nick Atkinson wrote on Instagram:

Every artist or parent of a young artist who has gone through these years to enter adolescence, dance and sing, has the right to experience three deep moments of resentment from the casting choice…

Vague social media coverage

North-West is not accused of being unique Nepo Baby And I hope for this opportunity to show mercy to my parents. Actually, a lot of critics out there and so on arecostume ! A young girl wears this hoodieshort assortment, des chaussettes et des pantoufles en four color yellow. Celon les media americain People, this is not the evening’s stylist, Marina Toibinawho did I talk to northwestmore EARLbrand based in Los Angeles.

Sur Löhrsatisfaction. “The Northwestern costume looks amazingly adorable.“to write a person with X.”Roy Lion’s costumes are beautiful and intricate, and they promise later in the yellow hood.” poursuit-elle.


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