Win Season 1 of Anne Rice’s The Witches of Mayfair on Blu-Ray

The Witches of Mayfair by Anne Rice, season one you are eating Blu-Ray and DVD January 8, 2024. Each episode will also be available for digital purchase 24 hours after its release, courtesy of Acorn Media International. We have Blu-Ray gift to one lucky winner!

This charming new series features an outstanding cast, including Alexandra Daddario (White Lotus), Tongayi Chirisa (American Horror Story), Harry Hamlin (Mad Men), Beth Grant (Donnie Darko) and Jack Huston (Credit: American Horror Story). Underground Empire”), and breathes freshness. life in Rice’s famous novels, The Lives of the Witches of Mayfair trilogy, which includes Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire.

Rowan Fielding (Daddario) is a passionate and intuitive young neurosurgeon whose life is about to change forever. Forced by the loss of her adoptive mother to constantly question where she came from, Rowan is filled with questions, and as strange, inexplicable things begin to happen around her, her search for the truth only intensifies.

Discovering that she has supernatural powers is just the beginning, and when Rowan discovers that she is the unlikely heir to a family of powerful witches, she must come to grips with the truth about who she really is and battle the dark force that has been haunting her. family for many years. generations.

Traveling to New Orleans to claim her heritage, Rowan soon learns that her newfound powers could have dangerous consequences. Torn between life as she knew it and her new seductive powers, Rowan must discern good from evil and decide whose side she’s on.

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