Wishes of doctors and nurses for 2024: “I want to survive…”

2024 has just arrived doctors, nurses and students series goals to achieve during the upcoming new stage. A few meters from the main entrance of the La Paz Hospital, dermatologist Raoul de Lucas comes back after coffee. He walks alongside two colleagues from his service who, smiling, prefer not to answer questions from this newspaper, but encourage this specialist to participate. “My main goal for the next year is to get through the waiting lists, overcrowding in healthcare facilities and, to some extent, this physician burnout that we have. However, we have many patients who help us and give meaning to our daily lives,” said the doctor. Medical letter.

For its part, improvement Quality of care which they provide to patients is one of the tasks of the therapist. Belen Estebanez. “We need to help them cope and, most of all, help families overcome that ‘bad situation’ when a loved one ends up in hospital. critical unit“, he explained.

Goal for 2024: reduce the waiting list for pediatric transplants.

Near Estebanez is Carmen Gomeznurse at the Transplant Coordination Center in La Paz, and her goal for 2024 is focused on reduce the waiting list for pediatric transplants. She admits it’s a “dream” but she will continue to work as best she can to achieve it.

Faculty of Medicine Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) also has a large number of dreams and goals to achieve in this new year. Walking down the long staircase leading into the building, we are surprised. Hepner Maria Esther, doctor from Argentina who for three years tried to confirm his degree to practice in Spain. “I have such hope. Obviously, there are other important things, like all the wars that happen in the world, and that worries me too,” he admitted.

Goals of University of Medicine and Nursing Students

More attention is paid to the vision of the students themselves and their wishes for 2024. Monica Gonzalez who is a second-year medical student. She has two goals: enter the hospital you want start practicing and looking for a formula get more social life. “Medicine is a very difficult career. There are many requirements. Therefore, I would like not only to organize myself in such a way that I can go out with friends, have fun or devote myself to myself, but also that we do not need so much effort to achieve the grade, which is always our constant concern,” he emphasized.

Nursing education first Andrea Molero. As a goal for next year, in addition to pass all subjects, register for a position to work in nursing homes. “I think it’s really important to help them because for some reason they’re in these places away from their family and can’t have someone 24 hours a day to constantly explain to them what they need.”

As for whether they achieved the goals they set last year, Alba Lopez, a first-year resident in the hematology department of La Paz Hospital, admitted to the newspaper that “he thinks so.” “I made the WORLD and now I am where I want.. So yes, I’m happy. The truth is that it was a good 2023. I also traveled a lot and I had free time for myself, this is also important. I am satisfied that this year will be twice as bad as last year,” he concluded.

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