“With Barça they cross the line”


Barcelona faces Real Sociedad this Wednesday for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. The culé team wants to continue on a good run at the start of 2023.

Xavi spoke prior to the duel at a press conference, he also touched on other topics and this is how he responded when Gavi was compared to Casemiro.


The match
“It is key, decisive. We play in front of our fans, we need them. Let’s see if the field is like the other day, with some 80,000 people. It’s a game. I hope to see a great game. They are a great team, both in defense and attack. I visualize a great match, we will see it tomorrow. It will be very interesting”.

Inaki Pena
“Tomorrow we will decide. I don’t like to give clues in training. The players don’t know it yet and they won’t know it until an hour and a half, two, before the game”.

Gil Manzano
“It does not condition us. We will try to do it in the best possible way. They are happy when there is no controversy and nothing happens. There is no problem and on the part of Lewandowski, neither. This is what we can control.”

Busquets – Zubimendi
“They are different. Zubi is more physical, faster. Zubi is technically better. We are talking about a good team with a piece of midfield”.

Open Rival Approach
”It depends on how we are, too. On the day of the Super Cup everything works out for us and we are perfect. The other day we are not fine. It depends on the moment of the team. It’s not every day you’re so differential, so lucid. You have to take out the games that way too. Be competitive in that way as well.”

They rule out signings
”In principle, little movement. I already said that I predicted a quiet market in terms of incorporations. I am calm and happy with the team. Without ruling anything out.”

The real one, it looks like
”Yes, Imanol’s proposal is excellent. He is a proven coach. He has made history with Real. An example of how to do things, work, defensive line. I like many things about Real Sociedad and it is a great merit of Imanol”.

“I always tell them to forget about the referee. These are situations that we do not control. I play the referee in training, imagine. We can’t control that. Yes our game and our mood. We are in a positive moment. Because of this arbitration appointment, nothing is going to change us”.

What needs to be done right?
”Have the ball. They are very comfortable when they have it. We have to be very dominant in the game with the ball. Press them well when not. They are very comfortable with it and are aggressive in the loss. They are very similar to what we want to do”.

Gavi’s bluntness
”It seems silly to me. There is a referee who decides. He puts passion and courage into it. May Gavi be calm. I consider that they make many fouls and whistle few. What is that, from the creators of Villarato and dopping, right?

The moment
”I think it’s very good. We have to demand more of ourselves and go for more”.

Elimination of feminine in offices
”There are some laws and it is our mistake. They eliminate us because of our mistake and we have to accept it. This is so. It is a law and the law decides”.

Gavi – Casemiro
”It seems to me that when he goes to the national team he is wonderful and when he plays for Barça, he crosses the line. So it is an example of grit and courage. And when he is at Barça, no. And if he wins, he likes less. I tell Gavi that he be calm. May he not stop and put the same passion and courage into him. That he does not stop because he has no roof ”.

”He can play left or right. It is dynamic and growing. Making a difference at Barça is not easy and Rafa is doing it”.

few goals conceded
”Marc is at a spectacular level. Maybe he is at his best at Barça. He reminds me of Ter Stegen from my last year here. He gives us a lot. If it makes a difference, welcome. We give it importance. To this defensive line. To cover the area and it is paying off in the League”.

Why is it difficult to get a Busquets?
”It depends on the generation. Sometimes many midfielders come out. In the Real they also come out central and wingers. They work the quarry very well. It may be that we need a defensive pivot to replace Busquets, but we have had a very good generation. Bucket, Pedri, Gavi, Eric, Araujo…”

”He has more freedom. It depends on the game situation. He is a total footballer. I like it more indoors, but we give it freedom”.

The cup rival
“La Real is a team that doesn’t fit in. The defensive line is very worked. It’s a great game tomorrow. It will be very difficult for us. Hopefully for them too.”

“At no time have I considered leaving. It’s very nice. It was especially good in Ceuta. He gives many alternatives in the game and he is a footballer that I like a lot ”.

Barcelona – Real Sociedad
”In fact, I saw the final live on the field and I really liked it. I think Barça was superior. He had the ball. Aitana was very good. Mapi was very good behind. I have a good relationship with Giráldez and we talk about tactical things. They are doing an extraordinary job and I congratulate them”.

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