With Orbelín I don’t talk about football, only tacos and jokes: Araujo

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Throughout history there have been cases of Mexicans who share a dressing room in European clubs. Pavel Pardo and Ricardo Osorio are remembered as champions with the German Stuttgart, Andrés Guardado with Héctor Moreno at PSV Eindhoven and currently with Diego Lainez at Betis. Precisely in Spain there is another Aztec duo with the Celta de Vigo with Néstor Araujo and Orbelín Pineda.

Although soccer unites them on the field, Araujo revealed that he does not usually talk about sports with El Maguito and who prefer to lead their “brotherhood” based on lighter conversations that revolve around tacos and very Mexican jokes.

Orbelín is very good for me, we get along like brothers. It’s great that you’re here because we get along very well, we understand our jokes because the culture is very different. I treat him like my brother and we are happy that he has arrived. I try to support him, but the truth is that we hardly talk about football. We talk more about tacos, culture, how things happen in Mexico, Mexican jokes. Honestly, we hardly touched on the subject of football,” the defender pointed out to Fox Sports.

In Europe they see Mexicans very expensive: Araujo

With four years of experience in LaLigathe central defender affirms that one of the greatest advantages is the competitiveness he faces not only in games against some of the best strikers in the world, there are also the demanding workouts where, unlike Liga MX, he does feel that the position is at stake on each ball.

Here every week you are playing the position, maybe you have a bad game and they kick you out, they don’t forgive you anything. It’s a lot of work every week, but I’m happy because I’ve been very regular in terms of minutes, but it’s bittersweet because of the issue of not fighting a little higher up”, he affirmed.

The problem is that Few Mexicans can emigrate to Europe because managers set exorbitant pricesso the clubs of the Old Continent opt ​​for cheaper elements and proven nationalities on big stages such as Brazilians, Argentines or Uruguayans.

“It is not a new issue, but it continues to be that the price of the Mexican player is very high and makes it more difficult. For them (European clubs) it is cheaper to bring a player from South America or even from another side of Europe instead of a Mexican. In Mexico it is very difficult for teams to let you out if they don’t pay something significant or you have to be released. It is a very complicated issue, but it is clear that there is a lot of quality in Mexico and that many could be playing in Europe.”

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