With this new feature for WhatsApp, you can find any message in your history in seconds.

It is likely that you have ever wanted to find in your WhatsApp Android a specific message you exchanged with a family member or friend some time ago, but you don’t remember exactly what date it was.

Something as simple as searching for messages by a specific date was not used very well in the version whatsapp for Android, so far we have simply enabled the “search by date” function.

Thanks to the “search by date” function in WhatsApp for Androidthis will allow you to find any message on specific days.

This feature is probably familiar to you as it’s already available on iOS and WhatsApp on the web, but it’s finally coming to Android devices.

This new search by date feature Makes it easier to find specific messages in your extensive conversation history..

You’ll now be able to select a specific date from the calendar, so you’ll no longer have to rely on keyword searches or scrolling up and down through endless chat history.

To use this feature, you just need to open an individual or group chat, and tap the magnifying glass search icon..

Next, you need to select the calendar icon, which is located in the upper right corner of the search bar, and select the desired date in the view. Now you just need to click on the “Go to Date” button to display the messages on that specific day.

With this feature, you can speed up your search, find specific information based on specific dates, and focus your search on a specific date.

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