With this Samuel Lino… Who remembers Carrasco?

lto from Yannick Carrasco It was a hard march. Because it was September 1, when the transfer market was already closed, and because of what the Belgian had taken on since his return from the strange Chinese adventure. The blow to the squad that Simeone soon discovered could be solved by two players who had many offers in the summer: Riquelme… and Samuel Lino.

Yes, two are offensive, but those two are Cholo He saw qualities that could be used again as a striker, the same thing he did with the aforementioned Carrasco. Time has once again proven the Argentine right, who has found real knives in both, especially in Lino, who runs non-stop up and down the flank and, moreover, who has goal in his blood. With the result against Valencia they have 6, which puts them ahead of Correa and equal to Memphis (who later scored 2-0), on two strikers. Who remembers Yannick now thanks to this performance?

Memphis gets hooked

Something clicked in the match against Sevilla Memphis Depay. His goal against the Andalusians gave the Rojiblancos a place in the semi-finals and ninth place, which they needed like food. Gasoline to take off and be able to fight for position with Mora that he is on fire and that he will not allow the former Barça player to continue adding positions. If he had three in the League Cup, then that’s already the same number… The same as Lino, the third scorer of the red and white.

Koke and pass to the rescue

Always in constant suspicion of those who, as they say, people are tired of seeing the same faces. One of coke, We’re talking about him, they’ve seen him more times than anyone else in Atlético’s history. And some people don’t seem to like it… no matter how hard Resurrección tries to show that he is as important as Simeone thinks, he only takes him off the green when he can’t stand it anymore… sometimes not even in such cases. And this is because of his tactical contribution, but also because of genius, such as the 2-0 start when, with his left foot (bad leg), he placed the millimeter center so that Molina he gives both Memphis. A pass to save, a center you can’t ever get tired of. Extension 6 is urgent.

Mosquera and the image of impotence

Mosquera He may have been taking on the ugliest player from Memphis, ready to show his sparks in the Copa del Rey (where he was decisive against Lugo and Seville) may have continuity. Come on, they will achieve this if they continue to change the attitude that was demonstrated from the first minute and brought its reward in the 2-0 scoreline. There, at that moment, the Valencia defender was photographed, who saw how the red and white came forward and grabbed him by the back… to sentence him to a duel. Mosquera may not have had such a bad game to stand out, but this action, if he had saved it, would have kept Valencia in a fight from which he already knew he would receive no points from the Metropolitano.

Vermeeren on Thursday, Keane today… central defender on Wednesday?

He Metropolitan Lodge It became a “meeting point” for new Atlético players. If Thursday was VErmeren the one who was amazed by the victory and the atmosphere before Seville Today it was the turn of Moise Kean, who watched the match from a privileged position before becoming a player for the red and white tomorrow. Given this streak, perhaps a new central defender will face Rayo… a signing that, by the way, MARCA has announced that Atlético wants to do.

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