Without new supply book in 2024 due to “financial limitations”: what to do?

Cuban government officials, notably from the State Commerce Directorate in Matanzas, reported that it was not possible to prepare a new supply book for 2024 due to “financial limitations”. According to officials, there is a delay in the import of raw materials to make the “notebook”.

According to this note published on the Matanzas government’s Telegram, the official recognition is that there are “significant delays” in its printing and distribution when it comes to making changes.

“However, the products in the regulated family basket corresponding to the month of January will be sold through the 2023 booklet. No consumer will be affected by not presenting the 2024 booklet while purchasing the product,” he said.

In some areas, they detail that gradually the new 2024 booklet will be distributed to purchase the products of the basic basket, some of which will arrive on time, while in other places, they will distribute the identity cards of the members of the corresponding center. Request. ,

“At least in my area and from what I’ve heard in others, yes. All the cards that make up the original,” one user elaborated in the comments on the topic.

New supply book in Cuba in 2024

After this government information about the new supply book in Cuba in 2024, criticism and some sharp comments started about the whole problem on the island, especially economic.

“They import food, they import raw materials to make supply books. What else does it matter to them? Warehouse clerk? “Administrator?” one commented sarcastically.

“I don’t know what products if the only thing they have given so far is rice, because the rest is as always conspicuous by its absence” or “Nothing has arrived to date in the municipality of Pedro Bentancourt, so That’s not what the notebook is needed for,” others argued.

The truth is that today, between the shortage of basic basket products and new notebooks that do not arrive, things remain the same for “ordinary” Cubans.

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