Woman accuses three people of strangulation and beheading

Juarez city.- The Northern Territory District Prosecutor’s Office, through the Special Investigation Unit into Crimes Against Life, arrested Hon. Received link to proceedings against Yesenia FR, for her possible responsibility in the crime of aggravated murder, committed to the detriment of three men, whose bodies were mutilated.

The ministerial investigation established his involvement as co-author in the crimes of the victims: Omar LV, Misael SR and Hector Manuel MH, who, according to the legal autopsy, died of asphyxiation due to strangulation and decapitation, respectively .

The events occurred on the morning of August 31, 2023, inside a house located on Estandarte Street in the Parajes del Sol neighborhood of Ciudad Juárez, where three people lost their lives.

A few hours later, the dismembered bodies were found at the intersection of Refugio de la Libertad and Talamas Camandari streets in the Parjes del Sur subdivision.

Public Ministry agents collected evidence and obtained an arrest warrant, which was carried out by elements of the State Investigation Agency inside the State Women’s Cereso No. 2 on December 29, 2023.

The legal situation was resolved by a controlling judge, the objectionable material presented by this social representation was evaluated and a deadline of four months was set to close the supplementary investigation.

**According to existing laws and regulations, the detained person is considered innocent until his responsibility is declared by a sentence issued by a judicial authority (Article 13 of the National Code of Criminal Procedure).


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