Woman told her family that she drowned the three children

The mother of three childrenwhose bodies were found in the early hours of this Monday on the beach of Coney Island, is the main suspect of having drowned them, after she confessed to her relatives that she had done so, according to police sources.

The woman, a resident of Brooklyn, has a history of mental health problems and is presumed to have drowned her seven and four-year-old children and a third just four months old.

The bodies of the infants were located around 4:40 in the morning along the coast on West 35th Street, a few blocks from the house where their motheraccording to the New York Post.

The 30-year-old woman had told her relatives that “she drowned the three children” and was later found walking barefoot and soaked on the beach and seemed “discouraged”, says the New York newspaper citing police sources.

“If she had been in the rain or if she had been in the water…, everything is speculation at this time. She was wet, barefoot and did not communicate with the officers,” the head of the police department told the press. of New York, Kenneth Corey.

Officers first took the suspect to the 60th Precinct for questioning and then she was taken on a stretcher to New York University Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, the newspaper said.

The search for mother and the children began about three hours before the bodies of the minors were found on the beach, when a relative of the woman contacted the police and expressed concern that they may have been harmed by their relative.

Officers reported to Neptune Avenue near West 33rd Street at 1:40 a.m. No one responded to a knock on the door, but they were greeted by the father of one of the children who resided in the building.

According to information from the New York police chief, the man “expressed similar concerns” regarding the welfare of the mother and three children and indicated that they could be on the beach at Coney Island.

“I think she called them and made statements to that effect,” Corey said when asked why relatives believed the mother could harm their children.

Several members of the family called 911 with the same concern and indicated that the woman could be under the influence of alcohol and drugs and that she had mental health problems, one of them was the one who found the female, who admitted to having drowned her children. three children.

Police went to the Brighton Beach boardwalk near Beach 6th Street and found the woman surrounded by family members, but the three children were nowhere to be found, Corey said.

After intensifying the search for the three children missing, police spotted their bodies about two miles from where their body was found. mother.

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Officers tried to revive the children and they were then taken to Coney Island Hospital, where they were pronounced dead, the police chief said.

“We still don’t know exactly what happened here…we’re going to try to piece this all together,” Corey explained.

The children’s autopsies are still underway and no charges have been filed against the mother, who has no history of abuse or neglect of the three children.

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