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Granada Femenino claimed a big win in the league clash on day 16 of Liga F. Nasrid’s team won at Granada Sports City thanks to a first-half goal from Isa Alvarez and another from Naima from 11 metres.

Team led Roger Lamesa started on green with Sandra at the gate; in defense, Gate, Martha Carrasco, Isa Alvarez And Spend; center field with Alicia and Ari Mingueza; front, Laura Perez, Ornella and Lauri on an area of ​​three-quarters of a field; And Naima as a more advanced football player. The first goal of the game was scored from the center of the field. 9 minutes into the game Isa Alvarez He got it from 50 meters and the shot was unintentional. The balloon surpassed Quiñones, scoring the team’s first goal of the match and his first goal against the red and white. Wanting to expand the advantage, Ornella He had two chances, but both went over the crossbar. Even GateBefore the break I had another opportunity to score, but to no avail.

In the second 45 minutes, Granada Femenino continued the game with the firm intention of increasing their lead. The opportunity arose after a meeting when Isa Alvarez She was shot down on the premises. Naima took the ball and scored the second goal of the game, his first this season in League F. Athletic also chased the goal Sandra, the red and white team continued to try in front of Quiñones’ goal. He held on until the final whistle and added another F League win, his third of the league season.

In the next match, Nasrid’s team will meet at home with Real Sociedad in Subieta. Match scheduled for next Sunday, February 11 at 12:00will be broadcast via DAZN.

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