WORLD Alicante | Gomez will request 30 more MIR positions in family medicine from the ministry next year to reach 275

Health Minister Marciano Gomez will ask the ministry another 25 to 30 MIR medical training places in family medicine next year to be able to offer 275 placesYes in this specialty in the Valencian Community and thus have the opportunity to encounter lack of professionalsin addition to the approval of other measures, such as the decree law on hard-to-fill places.

In this regard, in statements to the media, when asked about the shortage of specialists reported by Europa Press, he indicated that One of their first demands was precisely the need to increase the number of training places for new specialists.. “This is very important, and the ministry cannot remain specialized due to the shortage of doctors,” he demanded.


In this sense, it has been shown that If the ministry does not convene the MIR, specialists leaving universities “will not be able to work.” For this reason, he turned to former minister José Minones and to current manager Monica Garciaso that new specialists are trained and “it appears that he has taken note of this and is going to create an exclusive Inter-Territorial Council to address the problem of primary health care and the shortage of doctors.”

He also recalled that the Ministry of Health will soon publish new decree on positions that are difficult to fill to try to ensure none are left vacant solving this problem “in a global way, including incentive measures not only economic, but also measures to encourage educational, vocational, labor research and research on labor stabilization.”

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