World Economic Forum What impact do people attending this event take away from Davos?

Attendees of the World Economic Forum in the Swiss city of Davos shared their views about the event with Euronews.


He World Economic Forum Davos is nearing its conclusion, and some attendees have shared with Euronews their thoughts on some of the key topics discussed during the event, such as the role of Davos. artificial intelligence ,aye) challenges faced in our lives and the development of regulatory framework.

Oleg Lavrovsky, vice president of, said that “there is a possibility of finding something.” moral solution to the dilemmas posed by AI”, and considered it important”Bridge between science, industry and governance,

For her part, Kathy Bloomgarden, executive director of Rudder Finn, was “optimistic” after attending the event, which left her feeling that “people are really considering ayeThe new technologies And this innovation In form of solve many of our issues“, to give or not Solution climate crisis or as an “engine of growth, economic prosperity and unity among people”.

Amal Enan, chief investment officer at the American University in Cairo and partner at 500 Global, expressed excitement at seeing more institutional investors discussing dedicating financial resources to climate action, and stressed the importance of this upward trend. Because “we definitely need institutional capital associated with governments to de-risk development projects.” climate finance,

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