Xavier Miley presses again with omnibus legislation, says “there is no plan B” He confirmed his intention to dollarize and “privatize whatever he can”.

chairman xavier miley gave an interview to wall street journalIn a fresh message of pressure to governors and MLAs, given the political crisis his government is going through due to the march and counter-march on the omnibus law, he said that “There is no plan B for doing things right”Whereas He confirmed his intention to dollarize the economy and privatize public companies.

In the interview with the American newspaper published this Sunday, the President was asked a question that is increasingly resonating in different areas of the country: How long can Argentines wait to see signs that their government’s plan is working? Once again, the far right sets impossible deadlines for the pocketbook and says People “understand that this process can last about two years” Although he acknowledged that “it is true that There’s a warning light that says it’s hard to last more than a year.,

“The truth is that when we start to see how the data is trending and how inflation is moving, We surprise ourselves with the speed at which we are achieving results” the President said in an unusual defense of his government measures that had generated inflation of 25% in December, a fact which Miley celebrated as good news and which she announced May be repeated in JanuaryA scenario that he described as positive even without taking into account the devastating consequences it would produce in the quality of life of millions of Argentines.

After praising himself, he once again said that his model needs investment to work. “It is true that We will need investment because one of the things that happens is that, when you do fiscal adjustment, you increase savings., If this saving is not matched by investment, there will be a decline in economic activity, a decline in employment and a decline in real wages,” he concluded.

In this Sunday’s interview, the President was also asked about the existence of a government Plan B, which he categorically rejected. ,There is no plan B, there is no plan B for doing things correctly. You do things well or you do them well. Because if Plan B is to do things more or less or to negotiate… that’s the history of Argentina, that’s the way we are.”responded, in what could be read as new pressure on legislators and governors to vote on the omnibus law, which will be discussed this Tuesday at the National Congress and which has already resulted in negotiations with the friendly opposition in several Has gone through amendments. PRO, UCR and we form the Federal Coalition.

Privatization and dollarization

Regarding the privatization plan, which he included in the Omnibus Law project, with which he intends to take away rights and enable businesses to go to powerful business groups, the President said that he would implement it “as quickly as possible”.

“I am going to sell everything I can from government companies as soon as possible. But there are institutional restrictions”He clarified, and emphasized: “Everything that can be privatized, we are going to privatize. “It is not a question of names, but of technical restrictions in terms of time.”

In this framework the President also Confirmed its dollarization plan, “In the last month we bought $5,000 million and the monetary base is about $8,000 million, with If we met all the remuneration obligations of the Central Bank, we would be in a position to create dollars for very little money.“He assured.

Regarding his intention to adopt the dollar as a currency, he recalled that “We have always talked about free currency competition of anything Argentina chooses,” although he added that “Chances are that initially they will choose the dollar.”

Relations with China and the United Kingdom

Regarding his statements about China, Miley responded: “It is true that I am not going to form an alliance with the communists, it is true that we refuse to be part of BRICS. But we have always said that commercial issues should not have any impact.Because fundamentally it’s a personal decision.”

“Now, it is true that I do not consider it our strategic partner. But we should separate the geopolitical issue from our commercial issue,” he said. And he immediately gave an example: “We may have differences with the United Kingdom over the Malvinas Islands. However, this does not make it impossible for us to form a set of adult business relationships.,

In this context, the American newspaper asked him whether he had discussed the Malvinas issue with British Foreign Minister David Cameron during his participation in the Davos Forum. He responded, “We have decided to build an adult relationship in which we can certainly participate and work together on the international agenda and start a dialogue across our regional differences.” However, he did not explain why he was looking the other way in this matter. This week the islands faced a provocative action by the British government.

The President finally approved it support for israel Regarding the war with Hamas: “My position on this matter is clear. We have decided to condemn the terrorist acts of the Hamas group. “We have decided to stand in solidarity with Israel and its residents, regardless of their nationality.”

“We believe that Israel has a right to self-defense given the terrorist aggression it has received.” He said, and concluded: “Our policy is made from an ethical perspective.”

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