Xbox is helping the creators of Palworld implement one of the game’s most requested features

The Pocketpair video game is causing some controversy

Xbox is helping the creators of Palworld implement one of the game's most requested features
Palworld – hit January 2024

Palworld became the biggest sensation of early 2024, hence the name sales success despite harsh criticism, which also happens to be the best third-party launch in Xbox Game Pass history because, after all, it’s exclusive to Xbox on consoles since PlayStation doesn’t support Early Access games. As it were, Looks like the close relationship with Xbox is having its consequences.

This is because the name Pocketpair was heavily criticized due to performance problems with endless loading screens due to players logging into their servers en masse, making gameplay difficult. However it seems that Xbox comes to Palworld’s rescueas the American company set to work to promote the success of this new video game.

Xbox will help Palworld with dedicated servers

As such, a recent Xbox Wire report that talks about Amazing Palworld Sales PerformanceMicrosoft noted that They work with Pocketpair to provide support. for the Xbox versions of the game, which led to dedicated servers and engineering resources which help optimize both GPU and memory, which is equivalent to speed up the update process.

It should be noted that Palworld is currently The Steam version only has dedicated servers.So this initiative by Microsoft could help significantly speed up the sales rate of the console version, which, although it has very high numbers, is in the minority compared to the PC version.

Otherwise, knowing about all the contradictions that exist, because many They accuse Palworld of plagiarizing Pokemon. Although there are worse ones, you should keep in mind that if you want to enjoy or try this video game, you have it. available on Xbox Series, Xbox Game Pass and PC.

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