Xelaju received strict sanctions from FIFA

QUEZALTENANGO – The Goats were sued by their former player.

FIFA published a list of clubs around the world that will be sanctioned in 2024, where the name Xelajou MK unexpectedly appeared and was severely punished.

The highest football authority imposed sanctions on the supergoats with the suspension of the registration of football players for the next three transfer windows (one and a half tournaments) as a result of the lawsuit.

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As it became known, the Argentinean Kevin Lensina is vying for awards for becoming the champion of the 2023 Clausura tournament, and this despite the fact that he competed in the special category, but last season he was registered in the main squad.

On the other hand, Jose Carlos Lopez, the president of the Goats, said that they have already been notified of the punishment, so they hope to complete the process in the next few hours and thus not have problems registering their players for the tournament.

Lensina spent the 2022-2023 season with Quetzaltecos, where he played just four games during the year and added 184 minutes, his biggest contribution to the U-20 team.

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