Y/Project fall-winter 2024-2025 collection with Charli XCX and Mia Khalifa

Glenn Martens celebrated his next Y/Projet Entouré de Charli XCX, Tyga et Mia Khalifa

The next day, the regime world will soon appear again. Yes/Project cancel due to “unspecified temperature” In fact, according to American media WWD, Glenn Martenslabel founder and artistic director Diesel Since 2020, the ensemble désormais dans l’optique de developer l’image of the subversive and underground image of the beloved brand in 2013 takes place through other communication channels, at traditional Fashion Weeks, to enhance the croissant.

This season Y/Project invites you to discover autumn-winter collection 2024-2025 on the way lookbook – I took a photo Arnaud Lajenie – celebrity people. On occasion, many of the designer’s friends and family always meet to bring people and labels together.

Parmi eux, on the note of the presence of the British singer Charlie XCXfrom creator’s father Mathias Martens, from content creator Mia Khalifafrom a top model Irina Shayk and etc. Kanye West pseudonym Yes and etc. Tyga, two rappers The Americans are on tour because of the media… De quoi faire le buzz instantanément sur les réseaux sociaux.

Autumn-winter collection 2024–2025 between destructure and games.

New Voice, Artistic Director Yes/Project Dévoile une collection qui exalte avec brio les code du label belge. Les tissus s’enroulent et se tordent sur les corps pour composers looking at enlarged volumes, tel que ce manteau long dont une écharpe intégrée se noue du cou.

For an encore, this denim overalls – a source of inspiration, incredible for the creator – with the effect of destruction, and this silhouette, composed of an oversized shirt, associated with coussards. oversized.

This season’s encore collection is marked “jeu de matières”. La Transparency d’un Voile Léger fusionne avec une Veste de Suit, tandis que des tops en fausse fourrure côtoient des tissus imprimés or le Nylon de doudounes démesurées… In short, l’univers de Y/project dans toute sa splendeur.

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