Yalitza Aparicio: 5 ideal bikinis for all body types with which the actress looks like a mermaid

Participate in the movie “Rome” Alfonso Cuarón gave great opportunities to Yalitza Aparicio, same that the actress has taken as a tool to express herself and defend social causes, fashion being a vehicle to send a clear message against stereotypes and self-love.

The actress originally from Tlaxiaco, oaxacashares the details of his projects and some of his private life through his social networks to keep in touch with his fans, with this he has shown that traveling is one of his favorite activities and the best perfect to share his best outfits that They work as inspiration for their followers.

Yalitza Aparicio spends the holidays with her family. Photo: Instagram @yalitzaapariciomtz

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In the midst of her multiple commitments, Yalitza Aparicio takes time to be with her family and the beach is one of her favorite places. Although she is originally from Oaxaca, she has paradisiacal destinations, she has not hesitated to visit other parts of the country such as Cancun, Quintana Roo.

Yalitza Aparicio in Cancun. Photo: Instagram @yalitzaapariciomtz

On more than one occasion the actress has sent powerful self love messages showing her figure, with which she has received signs of support from her followers who have not hesitated to fill her with compliments, highlighting the transparency with which she is seen on social networks.

Yalitza Aparicio responds to criticism

Aparicio has become the image of important fashion houses around the world, although he has always highlighted the pride in their roots belonging to an indigenous community, she has not hesitated to respond to criticism from those who point her out for wearing “brand clothing”.

Yalitza Aparicio on the beach. Photo: Instagram @yalitzaapariciomtz

This happened during an interview with the influencer Juanpa Zurita for his podcast “Don’t do the easy thing”, where he pointed out that he has taken fashion as a tool to communicate what he wants by confronting those who criticize him for wearing “brand clothing”.

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“I have been judged for the type of clothing I wear, for how I dress and for how I behave because I come from an indigenous community (…) I wear my indigenous clothing when I want to wear it at events, not because people tell me that I used it for a photo,” he said.

Yalitza Aparicio shows off her figure with a bikini. Photo: Instagram @yalitzaapariciomtz


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