Yasiel Puig, Gurriel and Urrutia had a GOOD exchange.

Yasiel Puig, Yuni Gurriel And Henry Urrutia They have a great relationship with each other. Greatest of Gurriel He is also their hitting coach, and they constantly share their successes. At the end of the year after a great 2023, it is common to see words of love and admiration among players and much more.

Recently, Yasiel Puig He was named Player of the Month in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League. The player scored an excellent result for the month ending this Sunday .408/.516/.829 with nine home runs. He is one of the leaders of the competition and Tiburones de la Guaira. In turn, in this issue LEADWith Cibao Giants, Henry Urrutia there is a batting line .288/.380/.367 with 20 RBIs and a home run. If you add performance to this Dayron Blanco in the LIDOM round-robin tournament, clearly speaks of quality Pineapple Power team And Yuni Gurriel as a hitting coach.

Yasiel Puig thanks Yuni Gurriel

The exchange began with thanks and good wishes for 2024 addressed to Urrutia via Instagram story. “Happy New Year my family, Pineapple Power.“Written by a Cuban player born in Las Tunas. To that, Yunieski Gurriel He responded with gratitude and greetings to the player.

However, Yasiel Puigreacted sympathetically to this story, pointing out Gurriel: “Here with the one who really makes us fight, the Piña Power family. Thank you for always being there and supporting us. You are the best“Written by a man from Cienfuegos nicknamed Caballo Loco. But the message continued pleasantly: “AhEven though sometimes you forget me and don’t write, I love you very much“. Yunieski Gurrielfor his part, responded with laughter to a message from Yasiel Puig. “Dear class, boy. “Heap”, Henry, he says I don’t need him.“.

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