Yellow or transparent teeth could turn very white again by paying attention to these tips to recover a perfect smile like that of VIPs

Smiling brings many benefits to our body and also to interpersonal relationships. When you have teeth that are not perfectly in order, you tend to avoid showing them while maintaining an expression that is sometimes unnatural.

Looking at ourselves in the mirror it may happen to notice imperfections or yellowing that we would like to make disappear with a brush. But often these imperfections could be due to incorrect eating or hygiene behaviors.

It is true that you can smile with your eyes but a beautiful spontaneous and communicative smile has no equal.

Yellow or transparent teeth could turn very white again by paying attention to these tips to recover a perfect smile like that of VIPs

Yellow teeth are the cross of many of us. Having a yellowed smile pleads against the wearer, giving the impression of poor cleanliness and neglect.

However, the cause is not always attributable to poor oral hygiene. Eating habits that include the consumption of coffee, tea, licorice or other foods containing pigments capable of dyeing the enamel are universally known causes. As is smoking.

Yellowing and poor dental health could also result from the deposits of plaque and tartar on the teeth. Dental hygiene sessions every 6 months could prevent its accumulation, safeguarding the smile. In case there are particular problems of oral inflammation or you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux it would be advisable to undergo cleaning every 3 months. Cleaning should also be done thoroughly at home with the help of electric toothbrushes, pipe cleaners, dental floss and if possible water flossers.

In addition to coffee, tea and licorice, what damages our smile

Our teeth may also appear gray, stained or transparent. This finding can be alarming because it conveys the idea of ​​sick teeth. The spots could be a sign of caries or other tooth pathologies and therefore should be investigated with your trusted dentist.

But let’s see why yellow or transparent teeth take these colors.

The color of the teeth can also change due to advancing age or be genetically not very white.

The transparency of the teeth, on the other hand, could have to do with demineralization. Demineralized teeth can have transparent areas, stains and hypersensitivity to heat and cold. To slow down this process, it would be necessary to reduce the consumption of sweet and acidic foods. You should also remove any residue after each meal and use fluoride-based and remineralizing toothpastes.

A perfect and natural smile like that of the TV characters

To satisfy the desire for perfect Tom Cruise teeth it may not be enough to adopt the precautions we have talked about.

In fact, many celebrities use dental veneers. These are thin prostheses like a contact lens capable of correcting any cosmetic defect. The effect is totally natural. The veneers are produced on the basis of individual needs and are applied following the surface filing of the teeth for the removal of the enamel. The cost of the veneers ranges from 600 to 1,000 euros each. If you wanted a less invasive and less expensive solution, you could think of a new technique always performed by professional dentists: dental bonding.

In this case, composite resins would be applied which can be smoothed and adapted to everyone’s teeth. This treatment costs between 200 and 600 euros for each tooth. It must be said that the resistance of the resins is lower than that of the veneers, so that scratches may occur. It would also be inadvisable to apply bonding if you suffer from bruxism or tend to strain your teeth a lot with chewing.

We now have the main information on how to get a smile that everyone will envy.

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