Yolanda Andrade remembers when he asked Adela Micha to marry a piedrotota

After last Wednesday, the journalist Adela Micha will celebrate her 59th birthdaythe famous attended the program as a guest Montse&Joe where he met Montserrat Oliver and Yolanda Andradewith whom she has maintained a great friendship for many years and have accompanied her in the happiest and most painful moments of her life.

During the program, the celebrities recalled several anecdotes that they lived together and the good times that they had, so the journalist Adela Micha confessed that it took her several years to make opinions stop mattering to her.

Yolanda Andrade and Adela Micha were in a lot of communication

“Before I used to say: ‘The only ones I have to explain to are my children, right now not even them,'” assured Adela, before they remembered the moment Yolanda Andrade asked her to marry him, a situation that was not only funny, but also legendary.

At that time, the conductors Yolanda Andrade and Montserrat Oliver attended the birthday party for Adela Micha’s 40th birthday. “I had great surprises that day. I am very happy to be with you, They are two women whom I love and admire very much, talented women, very committed. I appreciate, now that we are reminiscing, that we spent time together.”

“I gave you a ring, I asked for your hand… I even knelt down and everything. I gave you a pebble”, Yolanda said, before Adela Micha commented: “Of course, the biggest neither JLO, nor Belinda nor anyone, a rock.”

In addition, the famous remembered how close they were, especially when Yolanda Andrade reported that when she was admitted to a clinic and sought the support of Adela Micha. “I spoke to you when I was hospitalized there and told you: ‘mana, I’m crying'”.

Yolanda Andrade and Adela Micha were in a lot of communication

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