Yorgos Lanthimos and Emma Stone to reunite for Korean film remake

Desormais, they are inseparable. By the way, I filmed it Poor creatures I got 11 Oscar nominations Yorgos Lanthimos, to another project tet. Send informational information to speakers DiversityGreek director s’apprête à Tourner Son Prochain Film et il il s’agit d’un remake du long-métrage sud-coréen Save the green planetsold at par Jang Joon Hwan in 2003.

It’s not surprising that at the actress’s retrover casting Emma Stonewho performed the most spectacular Bella Baxter in Poor creatures but also Abigail Dance Favorite. Today, as reported by American media, the tour of the new project begins here in Royaume-Uni and in New York.

What’s the synopsis? Story Save the green planet Tourne autour d’un jeune man desabusé qui “capture and torture a person in business, don’t think it’s a fait accompli of an alien invasion party. A spiritual battle between a ravisser, his little friend, a business man and a private detective.

Duet of cinema and inspiration

Emma Stone and Yorgos Lanthimos form a very dynamic duo. Pas étonnant when he said that the two were famous after their departure. In entertainment according to the American edition FashionGreek cinema is the latest in these respects: “Nous saviions que nous voulions retravailler ensemble, and at the moment when où nous avons begin with the fair d’autres chooses the ensemble, nous nous connaissions vraiment bien; Nous nous faisions confance et nous nous respect for reciprocity, and I thought we knew that inspiration is mutual. »

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