Yorgos Lanthimos’ Pro-Chain Film Will Be a Remake of Korine

The project’s tour will begin here in Royaume-Uni and in New York.

It is unfortunate that Poor creatures Thanks for the BAFTA award, Dont celui de la Meilleure Actrice pour Emma Stone, Diversity announce that Yorgos Lanthimos s’apprête à Tourner Son Prochain Film. A couple of products Ari AsterThe film is a remake of the Southern noir comedy. Save the green planetsold at par Jang Joon Hwan in 2003.

Intrigue met on the scene of the story of the abduction of a young man and a man in a torture machine, and this helped him become aroused by the alien in the form of a man. The relationships between the forces fluctuate between the young man, the devoted man, the man in business and the private detective. The project is still in the gestation phase of annual titles. On leave, there is a distributor of the original Yang Joon Hwan who refuses a remake.

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Before the remake project, you directed another film, which is currently in post-production and will be released soon. Movie title Kind of kindness And find three different stories, each with a meme in it. Actors playing three different roles throughout the film. A retrospective of the actors and how they worked together Emma Stone and etc. Willem Dafoe. Avec eux, Jesse Plemons, Margaret Qualley, Hunter Shafer and etc. Hong Chau viendront leur prêter main forte.

There is no other information regarding Kind of kindness oh, remake Save the green planet. From Kote’s son, Poor creatures eleven Oscar nominations, and also a serious contender with Oppenheimer (11 nominations), etc. Barbie (7 nominations).

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