you save 99% and have zero emissions

In the midst of decarbonization, an invention emerges that can transform your engine into one of… hydrogen. This allows you to save 99% and turn your car into a zero-emission vehicle. The days of diesel and gasoline are numbered or so it seems when news comes from Europe. Let’s remember that European Union He has long talked about the possibility of banning the sale of cars with internal combustion engines by 2035.

This is a decision that has not yet been made. The situation will be reviewed again in a few years to see if the auto sector is ready for change. However, the aging car fleet in our country will force a large number of Spaniards to continue using their cars beyond this date, even if they can no longer buy new models in the same category.

The very fact that there is talk of phasing out internal combustion parts means that manufacturers will have to consider new ways to move forward. At the moment, there are many initiatives, including one that talks about adapting conventional engines to use hydrogen. This would take advantage of existing technology and adapt it to new user and industry needs.

An invention that allows an engine to be adapted to use hydrogen

A group of researchers from University of New South Wales (UNSW), from Sydneycomes with a corresponding offer: a new dual-fuel system with direct fuel injection. hydrogen and diesel fuel, which significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Team Engine Research Laboratory from this Australian university successfully converted a diesel engine into a hybrid engine.

This model combines the use hydrogen (90%) and diesel fuel (10%). Thus, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions were “reduced by more than 85%” compared to an unmodified conventional mechanism, engineers said in a statement. This is also reflected in an article published in the magazine International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

Team led by professor Sean Cookshowed the world that using its fuel injection system hydrogen reduces CO2 emissions to just 90 g/kWh, which is 85.9% less than the amount produced by a diesel engine. Likewise, this new method reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions below those of the original diesel engine.

After 18 months of development of this dual system, specialists tested the invention on all types of diesel engines. They went through the transport industry, agriculture and even the mining industry. According to the authors, the adaptation of cars to the new hybrid system can be completed in two months.

The work of the invention to convert a conventional engine into a hydrogen one

To achieve the new block, the engine’s original diesel fuel injection is retained, but fuel injection is added hydrogen straight into the cylinder.” It is hydrogen direct injection, whose system controls the state of the mixture inside the cylinder, that “addresses harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, which have been a major obstacle” to landing other H-engines. industry.

“If you just put hydrogen into the engine and let everything mix, you’ll end up with a lot of NOx emissions, which are a major cause of air pollution and acid rain. But if we do it in layers, so there is more hydrogen in some areas and less in others, then we can reduce NOx emissions below those of a pure diesel engine,” he explains. Cook.

This system has already been patented and commercialization of this engine is awaited. hydrogen arrive as soon as possible.

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