Young Cuban woman dies of dengue after alleged medical negligence

A young Cuban woman was identified Arnelis Fonseca Costa His relatives said he died due to dengue following alleged medical negligence.

The victim was hospitalized for several days in a ward for dengue hemorrhagic fever patients, and died on January 7, reported the Facebook profile “La Patrona Ana”, a native of Bayamo, Was related to a person close to the family.

According to this profile, the young woman was treated by inexperienced doctors and after 20 days of hospitalization they discovered that she had hemorrhagic dengue and her hemoglobin level was 5.

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The publication clarifies that during the period of hospitalization, the patient was left in a ward without receiving a clear diagnosis and the family had to purchase medicines on the black market due to their shortage at the hospital.

He says medical professionals failed to identify the disease in time and surprisingly, only after 20 days did they realize that the young woman had a common infection, which they attributed to dengue.

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The patient’s hemoglobin was at critical levels, but the mother – who is a Jehovah’s Witness – would have refused to allow the young woman to receive a blood transfusion, a decision that doctors would have criticized and which they are now using in her defense. Have been. The doctor noted. Cited Facebook profile.

The woman also strongly criticized ruler Miguel Diaz-Canel and accused him of guaranteeing her family’s medicines while the island’s population lives without care.

On his part, a relative of the victim, identified on Facebook as Yisele Fonseka, said Fonseka Costa’s early departure has left a huge void in the family.

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alleged complaints medical negligence These have become common in Cuba due to the deterioration of the health system in general, which is functioning poorly between the flight of doctors and the lack of supplies and medicines needed to treat emergencies and establish diagnoses.

In November, a Cuban mother reported the death of her son due to negligence by doctors in Las Tunas. which led to the death of the young man an ulcer that was not operated on Because the doctors have diagnosed gastritis.

In October, Cuba’s Yenise Guevara condemned shortage of ambulance To tend to his ailing father, he informs him of the old man’s death.

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