Your Android phone will be automatically locked if someone tries to steal it. Here’s how this brutal Android 15 feature will work

Android 15 will come with a new important feature: automatic locking in case of theft.

We are within the framework of Google I/O 2024 and, after the presentation of news in Gemini, Project Astra and the arrival of artificial intelligence in the Google search engine, both the second beta version of Android 15 and the news that will soon arrive in the system. were announced.

One of the most pressing issues is related to security. Phone theft is common, and Google has a plan to stop thieves from easily accessing our information. A plan in which the phone itself will be put into protective mode.

Android 15 will be released at the end of the year, but we already know some of the new features that Google’s new system will have. There are improvements to Gemini, integration with native applications and, on the security side, two important new features.

The first of these is called “Private Space” – a feature that, as its name suggests, will serve as a fortress for our most valuable applications: Banking apps, messaging apps and all those that we don’t want to see too often will be saved in a more secure location. Google defines it as a digital safe in which we can hide applications.

Even if we have unlocked the phone, to access this protected folder we will need to go through the authentication step again. This way, even if someone caught our unlocked phone for some reason, they will not be able to access these applications.

But this is not the most striking security feature. Google has confirmed an even more powerful new Android 15. Our phone will be able to use artificial intelligence in combination with physical sensors to try to detect if someone is tugging on us.

If it is discovered that someone has taken our phone and tries to escape with it (on foot, on a motorcycle, a bicycle, a car, etc.), the phone will be automatically blocked. This way they won’t be able to access our data. There’s no news on when this feature will arrive, but it promises to be one of the keys to a stable version.

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