Your new Xiaomi 14 Ultra can become a compact camera with this new photography kit.

In favor of professional mobile photography, Xiaomi has brought back the idea of ​​the Moto Z and its Moto mods.

Your new Xiaomi 14 Ultra can become a compact camera with this new photography kit.
This is a new photo kit for Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

Ahead of Mobile World Congress 2024, which seems to be much more interesting than initially expected, the truth is that we have already experienced the central conference Xiaomi what brought us to global markets his last flagship phoneThe Xiaomi 14 Ultra is of a very high standard, which we were even able to test for a few hours to show you what our first impressions of it were. best Xiaomi ever.

Now we can buy it in Spain with a Xiaomi Pad 6 tablet as a launch gift, also at a very competitive price of 1099.99 euros, which puts it in direct competition with the heaviest scales in the industry such as iPhone 15 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and others.

Xiaomi presents its new “flagship” at MWC 2024 – Xiaomi 14 Ultra, which is accompanied by the ideal accessory for most photography lovers. Of course, it won’t be cheap… 199 euros!

In any case, Xiaomi is the only brand that wanted turn your idea into the most professional mobile photography on the marketso, taking advantage of the Leica stamp, he revived the popular idea of ​​Motorola Moto mods to sell us An indispensable accessory for photography lovers which perfectly complements the latest range from the house of Haidian.

Spawn called Photo kit and it is also available in Spain where we can buy it at a price 199.99 euros promising to turn our Xiaomi 14 Ultra into professional compact camera Compatible even with 67mm filters.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit, all information and purchase | 199.99 euros

Protection, more ergonomics, new physical controls and external battery with additional 1500 mAh

Your new Xiaomi 14 Ultra can become a compact camera with this new photography kit.

This is an accessory that every active social media user will want to have.

In fact, this is an accessory that consists of two parts. protective case made of high quality leather which allows us to connect to USB type-C pen with physical buttons Designed to take advantage of mobile photography.

In addition, the case includes adapter ring with thread what we can attach 67mm filters to the photosystem, thereby significantly expanding its capabilities, making room for UV filters, polarizers and everything else compatible with this measure.

But this will not only be protection and additional filters. Photo kitbecause Xiaomi also wanted to provide him additional battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh, which extends the autonomy of Xiaomi 14 Ultra. if we take it on some trip or excursion, so that we can take hundreds of photographs of everything that moves.

Finally, also improved ergonomics of the mobile photographer make a smartphone look like what we all understood as compact camera just a few years ago, adding to the recipe several physical buttons take photos, record videos or even zoom in to scale optical and/or digital option or change the parameters using a tape measure.

This is not a cheap accessory. Is not. But in reality it is like this mobile photography is perhaps the most distinctive element cut bonus market, and here Xiaomi is the only company that wants to offer advanced features of a more professional type. Plus, having an extra 40 minutes of battery life for 4K video recording is sure to help many users at celebrations and events.

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Your new Xiaomi 14 Ultra can become a compact camera with this new photography kit. Mobile World Congress 2024

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