Your Xiaomi mobile phone has not received HyperOS yet? With this simple trick you can force update

We explain step by step how to get the HyperOS update before everyone else.

Your Xiaomi mobile phone has not received HyperOS yet?  With this simple trick you can force update
HyperOS features a completely redesigned user interface.

Xiaomi has already confirmed that a large number of mobile phones, both from its parent brand and from firms Redmi and POCO, will receive HyperOS, a new customization layer option for Android based on MIUI but will have updated design with more customization options and with better integration with other services, applications and products of the Chinese giant.

However, the rollout of the global version of HyperOS is not going as fast as expected, and for this reason, today we are revealing a simple trick that allows you can force update HyperOS and get the new Xiaomi operating system on your smartphone as soon as possible.

How to Force Update HyperOS on Your Xiaomi Mobile

MIUI hides all sorts of tricks inside itself that allow you from saving battery power to improving the performance of your terminalbut you may not know that Xiaomi mobile software also has hidden feature that will allow you to force a HyperOS update and thus, you won’t have to wait to try the Chinese brand’s updated level of customization.

Without further ado, we will list the steps you need to follow to get the HyperOS update on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO before anyone else:

  • Login to the panel Settings from your Xiaomi mobile phone
  • Access to section Additional settings
  • Click on a section Region
  • Select a region other than Spain preferably India
  • Return to main menu Settings from your smartphone
  • Click on the option about the phone and then on the card with the MIUI version
  • Finally, click on the button Check for updates

If your terminal has a version of HyperOS deployed, this update will appear and to apply it, you will only have to click on the “Download Update” button.

As you can see in the screenshots that we leave you above these lines, in my case I missed not the HyperOS update, but the most recent Android security patch for my device, POCO F3, so that’s a good trick too. For force installation of security updates on your Xiaomi smartphone.

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