YouTube is targeting ad blockers over recent loading issues rather than efforts to combat them

MADRID, January 16 (Portaltic/EP) –

YouTube denies that the most recent loading problems experienced by users of its platform are caused by its efforts to combat ad blockers, and points specifically to problems with these extensions as the cause.

YouTube users over the weekend began to discover that it was not just videos that were being featured, but the platform’s entire page. charging problems if only they had an ad blocker activated

In a statement provided to Android Central, the tech company assured that these recent issues are not related to its efforts to combat ad blockers and pointed to the AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extensions as the source of the outages.

YouTube has been trying for months discourage the use of these extensions for browsers that do not allow advertisements to be played on their platform. These efforts began with a notice warning that use of these programs would prevent videos from playing until they were disabled or removed, and then continued by slowing down or even stopping videos.

YouTube has always emphasized the importance of advertising business and advises users who want to get an optimal experience on their platform to remove ad blockers and allow advertising content, or get access to Premium subscription in case you don’t want publicity.

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