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YouTube has been trying for months to discourage the use of ad blockers in browsers because they affect its advertising business.and in a new attempt to win this battle, it has started spreading the page slowdown to more users, not just the video being played.

In November, Google’s video platform confirmed it was implementing a number of measures to prevent users from using ad blockers such as AdGuard, AdLock and Ghostery in their browsers to avoid ads that play before and during videos, details Europe Press.

A notice warning that using these extensions would prevent videos from playing until they were disabled or removed was followed by the video slowing down or even stopping.

Now, as reported in 9to5GoogleGoogle’s efforts are expanding to more users around the world who, over the past two days, have discovered charging problems which they initially confused with failures in the Internet connection.

Users sharing their experiences on forums such as Reddit explain that Entire YouTube page freezes in Edge when playing videowhich doesn’t allow you to download anything or interact with the video, not even write comments.

YouTube has always indicated that users who want an optimal experience on their platform can remove ad blockers and allow this advertising content or access Premium subscription in case you don’t want publicity. (HEY)

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