YouTuber accused of having pedophile material found dead

Lionel Borroni, known as “The Traveling Lion”

youtuber Lionel Esteban Borroni (40), who was known as “Un León Viajero”, was found dead this Saturday in his home in Isidro Casanova. This happened in recent days He was raided and investigated in a judicial case against him for the crime of possessing and distributing pedophile material,

Borroni’s brother-in-law alerted the authorities about the incident, who went to his house because he was not answering his calls. Seeing this worrying situation, the man entered the property and found the impressive man hanged in the bathroom, His hands and legs were tied with plastic ties.

The brother-in-law called 911 and a few minutes later police officers arrived at the scene along with medical personnel and found that Borroni was dead.

It is believed that it was a suicide. Scientific police officers worked at the scene and determined that The relationship could have been created by Boroni himselfAccording to sources in the case infobae,

Besides, The YouTuber’s relatives assured that he was depressed due to the legal case and that he had left a farewell message on his cell phone.,

Prosecutor intervenes in death investigation Matias FolinoFrom the Functional Homicide Thematic Instruction Unit of La Matanza.

Raid on Borroni’s house

Borroni was raided last Thursday by the Federal Police Division of Cybercrimes against Children and Adolescents within the framework of a case processed at the Prosecutor’s Office No. 2 of the La Matanza Judicial Department in charge of Luis Brogna, with the prosecutor’s assistants Lorena Pecorelli and Daniela Sánchez.

The file was launched following an alert against him from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), a US organisation which relies on Congress in Washington DC and monitors the movement of banned content.

The action was initiated after the analysis of 18 reports are classified as “priority level E” From NCMEC, Minors were also included in these documents Both Argentines and foreignersreferred to the Victim Identification Unit of PFA and Interpolfrom where it turned out that, supposedly, there was Domestic production of child pornography in Argentinaa crime that Boroni was not charged with.

“From an analysis of the reported material, Over 300 images of child sexual abuse material were identified that could have been unpublished “The material distributed, whether new or of own production, visualizes child victims under the age of 13, mostly male, being abused by subjects of legal age, both men and women,” said a report on the case.

On the other hand, image analysis revealed a growing trend: many Child sexual abuse images created by artificial intelligence.

Equipment seized during the raid

The investigation led detectives to the homes of Borroni and three other suspects, including a 17-year-old minor, a physical education teacher and an employee of a technology company, all from La Matanza.

Electronic devices were seized from Borroni’s home. According to judicial sources, The influencer was checked in on Friday. He was not taken into custody. Cases of possession of paedophile material usually end with a suspended sentence.

Borroni established himself and gained popularity in the world of social networks by documenting his travels in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador, among other countries. With the nickname “Un León Viajero”, he had accumulated 137 thousand followers on Tik Tok with 3.3 million likes, 108 thousand subscribers on YouTube, another 164 thousand followers on Instagram.

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