Zachary Levi blames Zack Snyder fans and marketing for box office flop

!Shazam!  The Fury of the Gods: Zachary Levi blames Zack Snyder fans and marketing for box office failure

!Shazam! The Fury of the Gods: Zachary Levi blames Zack Snyder fans and marketing for box office failure

To the surprise of many (or few), the sequel to Shazam! (88%) has been a box office flop, even worse than predicted, and while some blame Dwayne Johnson for banning Black Adam (52%) and Shazam! The Fury of Gods (55%) were connected, actor Zachary Levi suggests that Zack Snyder fans are partly to blame, though he gives more weight to marketing.

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Unfortunately for those who worked on the project, Shazam! The Fury of the Gods is released in the midst of the biggest restructuring that DC has ever had, since in October 2022 director James Gunn and producer were appointed presidents of DC Studios peter safranand in his plans is to carry out a restart of the franchise, where surely there will be no place for Shazam!, or at least for the current version.

The box office flop shouldn’t be unexpected, the movie isn’t connected to a larger universe anymore, and the universe it was a part of is falling apart, plus the fact that the first installment of Shazam! it was not a great success. However, some want to see in the failure of Shazam! The Fury of the Gods Snyder fans as responsible.

On Twitter, one user wrote to Zachary Levi: “It cannot be denied that at this moment there are many Snyder fans who are happy for the failure of your film and many of them wish that everything that is to come fails just by not continuing with the films of their director.” To that comment, the actor responded in the affirmative in a now-deleted tweet: “This is also true. Sad but true,” but then added (via Comic book):

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How much that really affects the box office is anyone’s guess. I think the biggest problem we have is marketing. This is a perfect family movie, and yet many families don’t know it. Which is a shame.

Even though the actor stressed that the main cause of the failure was lousy marketing and not angry Snyder fans, it must have left a negative impression among many of them, who may have attacked him and decided to delete his post. Before that tweet, he had spoken on the podcast Happy Sad Confused and stated that it was difficult for him to receive too much criticism of his performance, from a specific sector of fans, of which he did not elaborate, but many interpreted as Snyderfans.

Shazam! The Fury of the Gods, despite high expectations, failed to meet them. The film was criticized for being too generic compared to its predecessor, which surprised fans of DC superheroes. It is also believed that the context in which it was released made it less attractive, and the plot was described as predictable and lacking in originality, which left viewers disappointed.

In addition, the performance of the main characters failed to connect with the audience in the way that was expected. All of this was reflected at the box office, where the film flopped spectacularly. As a result, there will most likely be no more sequels to Shazam!

The future of DC is now in the hands of James Gunn and peter safran, but before they start with their new cinematic universe, there are two DC Extended Universe (DCEU) movies that are yet to be released. The first is The Flash, about which wonders are talked about, and the second is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, about which there is a lot of skepticism, due to the controversial actress Amber Heard appearing, since the first installment of the superhero was not so well received by critics.

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