Zayn Malik electrifies Paris with style and calls for a return to music

Six years after his first visit, Zayn Malik has arrived in the French capital with a surprise of his own, as well as the latest from Men’s Fashion Week, which takes place on January 17th and 21st. Enchaînant looks and coupe de cheveux différentes (oui, même les cheveux), le chanteur de 31 and excites the euphoria of four coins de la ville lumière.

Kenzo, Loewe, Valentino… In the winter temperatures of Paris, Zayn Malik invited prestigious names. At Kenzo d’abord on January 19, the ancient One Direction member made a prominent appearance in a blue nautical ensemble, adorned with motifs on the neck.

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Liberated blonde dream, descent to a charming son, memorable in his One Direction years, father of petite Khai (3 years old, release in a relationship with Gigi Hadid), ignites fouls, all the delights of the retrospective after the summer lower back projectors.

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Victim of an accident in Paris

Zayn Malik finally finished his premiere night in the hospital. After relaying the online video, the car rolls along the correct path, like a fashion show. Moreover, the singer of flowers is preparing for his fans, with whom everything is fine, a photo of his highway with tire tracks: “Mon pied va très bien!” Merci à ces très resistantes chaussures. » De quoi offers exceptional advertising for ses Kenzo chaussures.

Second issue: Loewe, January 20, midi. With a new greeting to you all, Zayn Malik has arrived in the kingdom for his second debut of the season. Wearing a dress with brown scarves contrasted with a shirt with blue scarves, the British tomber reveals her colorful tattoos. Helping Andrew Garfield and Aron Piper, he doesn’t hesitate to take time out to help and sign autographs. Directors Venus at the meeting, bad frost.

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Coupe de cheveux, entre deux defiles

Il faut dire que cela faisait un momento que les français du Britannique l’attendaient de pied Ferme. The singer, who left One Direction in 2015, has not returned to Paris six years later. During the era, he was accompanied by petite girlfriend Gigi Hadid during catwalk shows and luxurious dinners.

And it was at Valentino on January 22 that Zayn Malik completed the marathon in Paris. First of all, the singer made a choice, Cooper le cheveux au ras du crane, spontaneously, between two disadvantages. Pictures of characters you know well.

C’est donc avec des cheveux très Courts, the abandoned blonde sword who waited for the morning meme for the look plus the sober one who arrived in a noir costume with a special inscription: “We are so old, we have become young again” (“Nous sommes si vieux qu’on est redevenus jeunes”).

A return to the inevitable music?

Côté musique aussi, Zayn Malik (re)fait parler de lui. Alors qu’il Signait des autographes dans les Parisiennes, le chanteur a laisse échapper qu’il préparait un newumusic project: I’ll come right away. Je vais en repétitions là… » Meet the ancient 1D star, available to your fans in online videos.

In December, the mic will be available to collaborate with famed Pakistani band Aur on an unreleased reprise of ‘Tu Hai Kahan’. Morceau sur lequel Zayn Malik singing in Urdu is, well, a surprise. British origin, Pakistani origin, father’s son, Urdu speaking singer, and this is not a premiere when you choose a chansonette in a second language.

In “INTERMISSION : Flower”, the release of the premiere solo album “Mind of Mine” in 2016, Zayn Malik troquait déjà son anglais pour l’ourdou pendant Quelques Secondes. Il ne us reste plus qu’à esperer découvrir ce nouveau projet projet projet prochainement avec, pourquoi pas, une Place plus Importan Accordée à Cette Langue qui lui tient à coeur/

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