Zayn Malik makes a rare appearance at Paris Fashion Week

FASHION WEEK – A notable appearance. Zayn Malik is in Paris for men’s fashion week, and the British star, who has been on a rare trip since splitting from Gigi Hadid in 2021 over abuse allegations, has not passed away. I reproduced the Kenzo catwalk at the sale on January 19, and at the presentation of the Loewe collection at the same time, Zayn Malik provoked a stream of fans and photos.

In a fashion show outing, it is an environment in which the singer and you return by car, as you can watch the video in the article. The stage is located on the air street of the capital or in continuous motion.

This episode is going viral on social media from some users who are pretending to be driving while driving, sur le motley. More like worse than bad: Zayn Malik shaved his fans via his Instagram account on January 20th.

Il notamment publié une photo des chaussures – de la marque Kenzo – qu’il portait ce soir-là, sur lesquelles on peut distinguish… une trace de semelle. ” Merci pour ce super défilé! ! Merci à mes chaussures incredibly well done “, at-il plaisanté. An incident that resulted in a successful communication for the brand.

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