Zelensky in Davos: Putin is a “hunter” who will not be satisfied with a “frozen” conflict

The Ukrainian president is attending the annual World Economic Forum in Davos in person for the first time this year since the beginning of the Russian invasion.


ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky warned its Western allies this Tuesday World Economic Forum (WEF) Davos he russian president Vladimir Putin He is a “hunter” who will not be satisfied with a “frozen” conflict.

Zelensky recalled that “efforts” were made to stop the conflict in the Donbass region after 2014.

According to the Ukrainian leader, Russian President “will not change”,

A challenge for Zelensky

Zelensky enthusiastically led the first full day of the annual WEF meeting in the Swiss ski resort.

Senior officials from the European Union (EU), the United States, China and the Middle East will also be at the centre.

Zelensky’s efforts to maintain his country’s long and largely stalled defense against Russia have come to the fore in the minds of political leaders. Israel’s war against Hamaswhich has crossed the 100-day mark, has distracted most of the world’s attention and generated Concerns about wider conflict in the Middle East,

Zelensky, who was once reluctant to leave his war-torn country, recently held a meeting lightning strike Trying to rally support for the Ukraine cause against Russia.

He faces donor fatigue in the West and worries about the former US president Donald TrumpThose who claim to have good relations with Putin May return to White House next year,

This Monday, Zelensky visited Bern, the capital of Switzerland, where the President Viola Emherd said that his country would be organized a global peace summit The purpose of which is to help end Ukraine’s war with Russia.

Emherd said they agreed to thoroughly discuss the details of the next steps and teams from both countries will begin preparations this Tuesday.

“We want a comprehensive summit in which as many countries as possible So we can succeed,” he said.

No details were given on when or how the summit would take place. Russia is not involved in this process.

Neutral Switzerland has previously acted as a mediator to resolve conflicts.

meeting world leaders

After his meeting with Emherd, Zelensky traveled to Davos His first personal appearance at the World Economic Forum,

Ukrainian colleagues lined up for the invitation-only morning session, “CEOs for Ukraine,” which preceded Zelenksy’s speech in the afternoon.

The session was attended by NATO leaders, jens stoltenbergGerman Vice Chancellor, Robert Habeckand US Envoy for Ukraine’s Economic Recovery, Penny Pritzkeramong others.

Later on Tuesday, the leaders of some of Ukraine’s key European allies did the same: Lithuanian President, Noseda GypsyDutch Foreign Minister, hanke bruins slotsand Foreign Minister of Spain, Jose Manuel Alberes BuenoWill participate in a session on the topic “Horizon” for Ukraine.

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