Zendaya Begins Previewing 2024 in Challengers Poster!

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Nope in 1996, beauty in the future a true icon in quelques annees. The actress’s career began in 2010 on the Disney Channel when Raquel Rocky Blue danced. Shake it. Par la suite, she was equal to what she was in the cinema and revealed the role in this film. Spider-Man: Homecomingin 2017. More details beaucoup ont connu Zendaya in Voyant-translator Rue Bennett in Euphoria. This time he is going to appear on the big screen again with a long film called Contenders. You’ll explain everything!

Actress who toured under the direction of Luca Guadagnino.

“Joly Brune Frappe Fort” in the film “Très Attentu”. This is the excitement of drama, imposing romance, love for tennis competitions. Precisons qu’avant de se lancer dans le projet, le realisateur, Luca Guadagnino, dreams of success with him Call me by name (2017) OU Bones and All That (2022). Cette fois-ci, le cinéaste a jeté son devolu sur Zendaya. A very athletic comedienne who had no qualms about investing in entertainment and loving herself in the eyes of sports fans. tennis. In this film, Elle Joue Tashi, conductress in this environment.

“It’s unfortunate and serious”: Noémie (ADP17) pousse un coup de gueule

Or he will revive the old petit ami, who was destined to insult Marie’s son in a competition. An unpleasant coincidence that will cause trouble and break love triangle. Zendaya’s fans are eagerly leaving the long-running series. Idem for film buffs. The son of a cat, he realized absolute air, enjoying working with the black Jolie.

“Nous ne faisons pratiquement pas appel à ses doublures. She is a merveilleuse. » Luca Guadagnino said in Variety.

Precisons qu’elle partage l’affiche avec Mike Feist and Josh O’Connor. Contenders sorting aux États-Unis in April. It remains to be seen when the series will be released in French cinemas…

Zendaya Shows Challengers Promo Video on Instagram – Credit Photos: Capture Instagram @zendaya

Zendaya’s personal life

In 2016, the beauty became an art connoisseur. actor Tom Hollandalors qu’elle tournait dans Spider-Man: Homecoming. This meeting occurred with the rupture of a strong friendship. Rumors circulated for a year before Zendaya and the actor were officially in a romantic relationship in 2021. Les deux amoureux évitent de trop s’afficher. Tom Holland also doesn’t know what “love” is.

“Zendaya is probably the most honest with me. Ce que j’adore, parce qu’on a kiss. » to amuse the young man of the press last December.

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