Zendaya in Challengers: Why She Fulfilled the Spider-Man Prophecy

Hasard? Accidental coup? Non c’était une prophetie, et elle s’est realisée! What prophecy? Celle, who sees actresses embodying Peter Parker’s love interest / Spider-Man young cinema in the cinema… with tennis in the background. Et c’est bel et bien le cas. Honor Zendaya, who plays MJ in the latest series of films, Celle with Tom Holland as the arena man (2017, 2019 and 2021). And who is the star here today? Contenders This actress has the traits of a (former) tennis champion.

Zendaya, Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst are liars of fate…

Avant El, Emma Stone approve role tag Spider-ManThis is Gwen Stacy’s foie, in two films The Incredible Spider-Man (2012 and 2014) with Andrew Garfield in a blue and red justocorps. In 2017, the actress played Billie Jean King, a women’s tennis legend who champions the rights of women and girls, in the film. Battle of the sexes Elections in 2017 and the inspiration of virtual history.

Et quelques années plus tot encore, c’est Kirsten Dunst, in the world of Mary Jane, who fights with the heart of Tobey Maguire, aka Spider-Man, in three films (2002, 2004 and 2007). And she, she was fun in 2004 La Plus Beauty Victoriaa novel that is available for the prestigious Wimbledon tour.

Past matches with Zendaya: « J’ai trouvé cela très drôle, at-elle told E! News. What imagination? Je suis dit: “Do you know what I do in the bathroom?” It’s in the prophecy! » A prophecy that cannot cause death. A car similar to Souligne Vulture, Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst, other points of common use: they find les deux joué in films that took place in the 18th century (Favorite for the premiere, Marie Antoinette pour la Seconde), et toutes deux incarnées des Journals (Color of feelings for the premiere, Civil War for outr). Ideas for Zendaya’s future roles?

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