Zoe Saldana has already seen part of Avatar 2: “I was speechless, I was moved to tears”

It’s not an exaggeration to say that expectations for Avatar 2 are high. After all, the film not only has the challenge of achieving a good performance at the box office in the face of the box office record that its predecessor still maintains, but James Cameron’s new bet is also called to innovate in visual and narrative matters, taking advantage of the more than 10 years that have passed between the introduction of this franchise and the debut of the sequel planned for December of this year.

Thus, while 20th Century Studios fully trust Pandora’s story, Zoe Saldana did not hesitate to raise expectations even more in the face of Avatar 2.

In a interview with kevin mccarthy about his role in The Adam ProjectSaldana revealed that she has already seen part of Avatar 2 and, although she obviously did not reveal anything about the story that we will see for Jake Sully and Neytiri, she announced that both she and James Cameron were excited.

“I can get emotional just talking about it, because I was able to watch only 20 minutes of the second installment just before the end of last year and I was speechless, I was moved to tears”, said the actress. “One thing that nobody really knows about Jim (Cameron) is that he’s also a big crybaby, he really has a heart of gold (…). This story is going to be compelling. Avatar 2 is definitely a leap from Avatar 1So I think they really have to prepare for it, but it’s going to be an adventure they won’t forget.”

According to what we know so far, Avatar 2 It will pick up the story of Neytiri and Jake Sully several years after the original film and show how both characters have forged a family. However, that apparent peace will be threatened by the return of humans and the protagonists will have to flee to another corner of Pandora where water will be predominant.

That aquatic aspect of Avatar 2 has been anticipated by the work of Kate Winslet and some of the concept art for the film. And while Saldana didn’t reveal anything new about it, he just emphasized that Cameron figured out the formula to make the underwater scenes feel real.

“(Cameron) was finally able to overcome that challenge,” said the actress about underwater motion capture. “The whole thing that you can’t virtually mimic water through motion capture acting. It was a challenge that he took on himself, and it took him years, and he did it. (Avatar 2) is powerful and it’s compelling.”

the premiere of Avatar 2 is scheduled for December this year.

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