ᑕ❶ᑐ Former PSG goalkeeper not surprised by Lionel Messi’s tenure

Lionel Messi is having an excellent start to the 2022-23 football season with Paris Saint-Germain. The 35-year-old is playing in a playmaking role but is also seeing his goalscoring tally increase.

During the 2021-22 football season, the Argentine struggled to find the back of the net consistently but this year that has changed. Former PSG goalkeeper Jérôme Alonzo explained the difference between day and night during Monday’s edition of Greg’s TEAM.

“We could all see he wasn’t happy to be there,” Alonzo said. “I saw a lot of games, games at the Parc where he really wasn’t very far from me. You see the guy was there, dragging his spleen.

“He did not ask to come to PSG. […] It’s much more complex than that. In the brain of a champion uprooted from his heart family that is Barça. We could see that he had come to PSG by default.

Although some are surprised by Messi’s form, Alonzo is not one of them, noting that the Argentine’s performance last year is what stunned him. The ex-PSG keeper says the veteran forward’s mindset is different.

Alonzo points out that even though Messi is in his 30s, he showed flashes of himself at various points in the game to tip the scales in favor of PSG.

The Argentine might not have a great game but in an instant that can change as he has shown this season.

“And afterwards, he said to himself: ‘Hey, we’re not bad there. And then, as long as you’re here, you might as well be good, ”added Alonzo. “Me, it’s not this Messi that surprises me, but the one from last year. There I find him in his place, at his own pace, at his age where his game is evolving.

“Against Lyon, it was obviously not a good 90 minutes. The flashes of genius are punctual, in sequence. Of course, we have fun, and the first three are essential. But it’s not Messi who surprises me; it’s from last season. Even in a flash, he turns you a Ligue 1 match.

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