3 steps to achieve the perfect Jennifer Aniston blow dry

A good hair dryer has the power to make us feel much better, go out and face the whole world. In terms of reference, one of the most envied manes has always been Jennifer Anistonor how to forget when starring in ‘Friends’ made the ‘Rachel’ cut fashionable.

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The actress has always been an example to show our trusted hairdresser how we want to look, thanks to that beach style that will never go out of style. Something that is interesting and that perhaps not everyone knows is that she has always worked with the same stylist, it is about Chris McMillanwho has also worked for celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair and Michelle Williams.

Recently, McMillan shared through his Instagram account, where he has more than 300 thousand followers, its secrets to have silky and straight hair like Jennifer Aniston’s, to accompany these confessions, he added a photo of the celebrity while preparing her for an event.

“I love a good blow-dry,” the stylist began, then added, “Have volume but be smooth” and later proceeded to explain how to achieve the perfect blow-dry, the same process he does in the American.

To start, he divides the hair into sections: “To dry it, I take a section and a half of the hair, starting at the nape of the neck. It is important that the hair is previously washed and dried with a towel”, the hairdresser does not use any product to make the drying last longer, although he does moisten it slightly if necessary.

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Round brushes “always give good results”, is another tip that the expert reveals, he also recommends not getting too complicated in drying, for him it is important to direct the nozzle of the dryer in the direction of the hair root, in this way a more elegant effect.

As previously mentioned, concentrating on the root is essential, “The key is to lift well and dry the hair from the root”, this is how McMillan manages to make Jennifer Aniston’s hair always have volume without looking too elaborate, the The key is not to do too much, you just have to do it well.

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