5 movies that made us believe that toxic relationships were the best but not

Since cinema is cinema, the industry has presented on the big screen countless stories starring unhealthy, dysfunctional and highly problematic couples.

Given that the seventh art is nourished by and represents life itself, it is not surprising, since many people can also be insane, non-functional and chaotic in the real world.

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However, there is a fine line between teaching the reality of an unhealthy relationship and idealize emotional abuse implying that certain clearly abusive attitudes are romantic.

Over the years, Hollywood has sold audiences around the world alleged love stories that have affected the understanding of harmful romances by romanticizing them.

5 Movies We Loved But Romanticize Toxic Couples

For this reason, we present below Five feature films in which emotional abuse was romanticized and they made us believe that toxic relationships were the best, when it is not.


The film series, based on the novels by Stephanie Meyer, gained a legion of fans who idealized the abuse and obsessive behavior in the relationship of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

If the 100-year age difference between the leads isn’t scary enough, the vampire would sneak into Bella’s room to watch her sleep.

Add to this the high school student’s anxiety attacks and suicide attempts when Edward ends his relationship with her. In the end, she gives up her life for him.

She even becomes obsessed with becoming a vampire just to be by his side forever. all this is exactly the opposite of what a healthy relationship is.

A star Is Born

The latest version of A star Is Bornfronted by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, wowed the world, but it sends a dangerous message: women should stay in abusive relationships.

And it is that, throughout the tape, Ally keeps making excuses and sacrificing for Jackson. because you feel you owe him; however, no matter what he does, he cannot rescue him from his problems.

Instead, while she’s on the rise, he doesn’t celebrate it, but sinks deeper and deeper into his addictions and depression. There isn’t even a happy ending to this supposed love story.

However, despite everything, viewers were fascinated by this film. It’s time to separate the passion from the abuse and look at what’s going on in this relationship for warning signs.

Beauty and the Beast

The Disney classic, whose version live action was starred by Emma Watsonis full of problems but presented in such a way that appears to be an ideal fairy tale.

The Beast is mean, abusive, and temperamental. He became an animal because he did not know love or compassion. Besides, he keeps Bella prisoner until she changes and breaks the curse.

It is necessary to meditate on the reasons why she stays with him. Could it be that she has Stockholm syndrome? In the end, what is disturbing is her message: if your abuser seems to change, stay with him.

Diary of a passion

Since its premiere in 2004, the couple of Diary of a passion, Made up of Noah and Ally, it has been presented as the embodiment of true love and the representation of the ideal romance.

However, the relationship shown in the film headed by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is rather dangerous and destructive. Noah isn’t just obsessed with Ally.

Also, is verbally abusive, resorts to emotional manipulation and even threatens to take his own life for dating her. Yes, she stays by her side until the end, but that doesn’t erase everything that came before.

50 shades of gray

The story of Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele is one of the best examples of toxic relationships. throughout the franchise 50 shades of gray, manipulation and abuse are romanticized.

The alleged “beau” of this story is a disturbed, jealous, controlling, manipulative man with a predilection for sexual violence that stalks the innocent and virginal protagonist.

As if that were not enough, try to convince her to sign a contract to have control over your life and be available to have sex when he wants and even control what he eats and when.

In addition, they assure that it presents BDSM in the wrong way. While the sex lives of many may have been changed by fiction, it is dangerous to practice these acts without knowing the limits.

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