6 essential surfer necklaces to adopt this summer!

If you are told: salty hair, wavy blonde, a cool and relaxed style, golden skin… What do you think of? In the summer and at the beach yes, but also for the ultra-stylish surfer look that we all want to have this summer! For this, we decipher the must-have of the summer: the surfer necklace. Discover in this article, how to adopt this hot style and our selection of 6 ultra desirable pieces that will make you crack!

First good news: you don’t have to be a surfer to adopt the surf look. While some natural effects of the surfer life contribute to the surf girl style (like an amazing tan and wavy hair after a surf session), there are other accessories like the famous surfer necklaces that contribute to this look!
Second good news: very trendy, surfer necklaces are booming this summer and there is something for everyone. Yep, the ’90s are seeing a real revival, thanks to celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Zendaya, who were both spotted sporting this hot beach accessory.
From the most sober to the most colorful, long or crew neck, adorned with pearls, shells, crystals or even small starfish, we have selected our best inspirations for surfer necklaces to adopt this summer!

Surfer necklaces: why this trend?

Whether you surf every day or live 1,000km from the nearest coast, you can embrace that surf girl vibe wherever you are!
With its vivid pearls often in harmony with the color of the ocean, the surfer’s necklace gains popularity every summer. Why ? Because these necklaces are cool, colorful, casual and exude joy, summer and optimism! And that, we love.
The trick of this trend is to opt for necklaces with beads of different textures or different shapes and colors. You can even layer them for an even more stylish look!
Some outfit suggestions? If you’re going for a casual outfit, pair traditional seashell jewelry with a denim skirt (another Y2K revival trend) and a lightweight t-shirt — or a bikini top, if you’re into it. the beach ! Heading out to a fancy dinner party while on vacation? A long bohemian dress and a pair of wedge heels are the perfect companions for discreet beaded jewelry in white or turquoise blue.

Our 6 favorite surfer necklaces to inspire you!

#1 The very colorful surfer necklace

Blue, pink, orange, yellow… All sprinkled with a pretty little shell. We start with this brightly colored choker necklace model that we immediately want to buy! It will revive your most discreet outfits. Worn with a very light little white shirt, a bikini or a black dress, it’s the perfect accessory to complete your outfit in style!

#2 A necklace in green and blue tones and its pretty pink quartz

Here, there are actually not one, but several surfer necklaces to layer… More sophisticated, we are completely a fan of all these details that make the difference! Small semi-precious stones and crystals in shades of green, blue but also pink, tiny stars and golden feathers, and this pink quartz that sublimates everything… We love it without hesitation!

#3 The 100% beach surfer necklace

Sublime seed beads, but also Heishi beads and flat gold-plated brass beads… do you like them? All this, embellished with shells and starfish. Something to feel like a real little mermaid at the beach this summer.

#4 The discreet: white and gold tones

More discreet, this surfer necklace can be worn with everything: your bikini, your little summer dress or any other outfit! We really like the regularity of its pearls and its white and gold tones. In stainless steel, this jewel will not move in the summer.

#5 The multicolored surfer necklace

Here, we prepare for our surf session with this super casual surfer necklace! Multicolored heishi pearls and small natural mother-of-pearl complete this essential necklace for summer.

#6 Natural

Made of heishi beads, this necklace, which is more different from white or colored surfer necklaces, nevertheless has all its charm! Natural, ethnic, we really like its mix between a very natural green, white, black, and the small medal in its center.

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